Mataroa (Kenya)

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As they say in the boxing game – Mataroa is the real deal – a 1928 Joe Slattery launch, named Kenya when launched, she measures 36’ LOA & was originally built for Mr Heard of Heards Confectionary. On trademe her owner claims she is a Collings & Bell but that is incorrect – read a lot more about her – build details, war history & more on the link below.

Powered by a Ford 90p diesel, she will cruise effortlessly at 8.5 Knots. You will see from the photos that she is over due for some TLC but boy-o-boy the bones are there & for sale at $15k – that’s a lot of boat.

I have included below a photo from her early days, you will see how smart is was & could be with a little work.

Someone has to scoop her up.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 5.28.39 PM

11 thoughts on “Mataroa (Kenya)

  1. Hi again, sorry I have answered my own question, there is a previous blog in which answers all the questions, search “mataroa Reynolds” its all there. Cheers.


  2. Hi, is this the same mataroa that was owned by Maurice Reynolds and used as a volunteer coast guard vessel?


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  4. Just in the process of buying Matura we will be a 2 launch family for a while
    until we decide what to do with Waiata (David Reid 1913 )
    Rob Uivel


  5. PS Steve, of course, is the popular owner of the Jas. Reid launch SEABIRD of Rudder Cup fame.


  6. Steve Thomas from the brokers got in touch and I’ve put him right. His owner told him that MATAROA was built by “Slattery Bros” and designed by Collings. I don’t know where that came from. When MATAROA was owned in Wellington not so long ago the then owner said she was built by “Logan”.


  7. As a lawyer I have an acute interest in avoiding misrepresentation, not only because of the ethics involved (believe that or not), but also because it usually causes civil liability of one sort or another.
    These brokers will say something like “Well, that’s what the owner told me.”….and we’ve been here before on WW a couple or three times.
    Of course “Collings & Bell” is worth more pixie points in a blurb than “Joe Slattery”……who?
    Very tiresome!


  8. As an engineer I have a genuine interest in engineering, and I strive to be as correct as possible by research, testing or at least employment of empirical knowledge. Surely a brokerage who in their blurb pride themselves on loving boats or something like that, actually have an interest in maintaining or gaining some integrity of advertisement and thus person?


  9. Collings & Bell!
    A change from Lanes as the default builder although Lanes would have had some degree of truth in it, however remote, as Joe Slattery was a foreman with them until 1911.
    What ever happened to Truth in Advertising?


  10. Great to have the extensive input by Reynolds & Co., — have learnt a lot more about her life since I knew her back in the 46-50 era when she belonged to the Wards. – KEN R


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