Susan Jane – Sailing Sunday



SUSAN JANE – Sailing Sunday

With Omaha boat builder Colin Brown having just re-launched the Colin Wild built launch – Little Tasman, we have been wondering what was next into the shed. The answer is the yacht Susan Jane, built by Chris Robertson c1950. Colin is not sure whether or not he designed her so is looking for any more info the woodys can supply.

Susan Jane is having  a major rebuild as a result of rot issues. Colin has taken the project over from a friend of his, who due to poor health is unable to complete the project. The above photos are by Colin, emailed to me via Ken Ricketts.

01-07-2017 REFIT UPDATE
The Brown family – Colin, son Dylan & son-in-law Josh have been hard at work on the refit.
All exterior hull work done by Dylan & the interior ex the hands of Josh.
Photos below, ex Colin, emailed to me by Ken Ricketts.

20-10-2017 Refit Update – photo ex Colin Brown via Ken Ricketts.

06-11-2017 Refit Update – photos ex Colin Brown via Ken Ricketts

She is going to be powered by a 38 Hp 3 cyl Nani Diesel

10-04-2018 Update – More photo ex Colin Brown via Ken R

And more

SUSAN JANE April18a - ...


24-04-2018 Update – Susan Jane & her restorer Colin Brown had a special yard visit (23/04) from the original builder Chris Robertson, aged 91 years. Chris was accompanied by his son Martin & grandson Aaron – all 3 boatbuilders.

Photo below shows Susan Jane getting the royal inspection from the Robertson family. I understand Colin was very honoured. Photo ex Colin , via Ken Ricketts.

SUSAN JANE 23.4.18

16 thoughts on “Susan Jane – Sailing Sunday

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  3. Saw JUSAN JANE yesterday looking absolutely stunning in Colin Brown’s shed at Omaha.
    She will be launched in the next few weeks at Gulf Harbour. — Will of course be there, & will send all launching details & images on the day. KEN R


  4. I believe that you are right Barb, sailed with him in the early years a few times on Plane Jane, Susan Jane appears to have some design nods to his earlier Col Wild 28 (Val Boat) Valderee – built by Salthouse and recently in Milford.


  5. Susan Jane was designed and built by Chris Roberston at John Salthouse’ yard at Greenhithe. Launched in 1965- i was five at the time ! We – that is the Harland family , raced and cruised Susan Jane extensively from 1965 until 1974, when Dad her sold her to Garth Robinson? I think ? based in Bay of Islands. Thus another family had the pleasure of years of sailing in a beautiful yacht. She was particularly good on the wind and would stand up better than other yachts in Squadron Second division. Flat off under a big red mast head spinnaker was exciting, the original spin pole was much longer than foredeck and as kids we couldn’t reach the end to release the after guy clip.

    She was named after my sister ” Susan Jane” .
    After Susan Jane , Chris designed and built Plane Jane which remains in the family.
    Dad died last March aged 85.

    Anthony Harland


  6. I have Susan Jane designed and built by Chris Robertson and registered as B-50 in 1965 to Don Harland. Not sure when she was launched. She took NZYF 150 in 1969.

    Plane Jane, designed by Chris Robertson was registered NZYF 2690 to Don Harland in February 1976 and was the first to a c1973 design that later inspired/produced Tangent, Panache and Quando.


  7. I believe Don Harland owned Plane Jane (definitely Robertson designed and built) in the 70’s. My understanding is Chris Robertson did not build in his own right until the 60’s. I am sure Martin or Conrad can clarify this


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