Cherokee – 4sale

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Cherokee  4sale
photos ex trademe
Today’s boat is a nice example of Roy Parris’s work. It’s what I would call a transitional classic. She measures 31′ 6″ & was built in kauri & launched in 1965. Powered by 120hp Ford diesel she has a good turn of speed for an old girl – cruises at 8 knots with a max of 14 knots. From the photos she looks to be very well cared for.
Home port is Blenheim, Marlborough so she is fitted with a diesel heater so a very comfortable cruiser. I understand she is for sale at $39k so in my eyes is a very good buy. The broker obviously doesn’t want to sell it, he has done the usual trick & tried to hide  the name of the boat. Must be sad to be that insecure in your job 🙂
Anyone know her name & anymore details about her past?

12-05-2019 Update ex Robin Smith (current owner)

Robin was the slip master at Bay of Island Boat club and owned and restored the 100 year old log tow launch Huia prior to moving south Marlbourough (boat moored at Moetapu Bay – Mahau Sound), and purchasing Cherokee 3 years ago.
In the photo below of Cherokee, getting a beach for a scrub (seems they can still do it without the greenies catching them). Robin was given the ‘old’ mast and stays by the previous owner and the deck head of the cabin still has the wiring and strong base for the mast. Also the mast stay dead eyes are still on the deck. Robin commented that the mast just doesn’t look right on the boat with the flybridge now so it is fitted to his house with a red duster flying. He also has the original dorade ventilators that the previous owner changed to the plastic ones 😦
Fingers crossed that maybe one day the chainsaw will come out and Cherokee will return to a sedan top.
Robin also commented that there seems to be some evidence of another set of engine mounting holes in the engine bearers. 
004 (2)
11-07-2020 Input from Kelly Ellis – Photo below of the Roy Parris 1957 Cherokee owned by Robin and Lesley Smith spotted in the outer Pelorous. Rob brought her down the East Coast from Northland
Cherokee 2020

13 thoughts on “Cherokee – 4sale

  1. The boat Vintage Steamer speaks of above, is the VOYAGEUR, built by T K Atkinson, at Browns Bay, for Jack Lewis, owner of Lewis Motors, Ford Dealers Takapuna, at that time, & she was launched in or around September 1958, & I as aboard her when she was 3 weeks old around Labour weekend 1958 at Little Muddy Bay Waiheke. She was powered by 2 naturally aspirated 6 cyl Ford Diesels, — (surprise, surprise.) — She as lengthened at the stern in 1965 J.L. also by T.K.A. at Browns Bay, with new larger Fords fitted. — KEN R


  2. I have owned Cherokee for almost 3 years, having bought via the above trademe listing. So now She swings on a mooring in Moetapu Bay Mahau Sound Marlborough. Regarding the vital statistics that some are concerned about. The length from Stem to stern BEFORE the add on boarding platform was fitted is 29ft 6″. as built. A 2ft 6″ duckboard has been fitted, and well blended with the existing hull. Also the anchor roller and scotchman protrudes 6″ forward from the stem at deck level. So my maths reckons 32ft 6″ LOA. I have the identical pic of her without the flybridge given to me by one of the previous owners, a Mrs.Puddles. Doug Johnson of Picton steamed her south from Mana about 4 years ago and then I got her


  3. Home port BLENHEIM??!! Possible, but highly unlikely. Probably where the owner lives?
    And…. don’t get me started on that LOA/LOD thing :-O


  4. Hey, I don’t want to get into an argument about the overall length of CHEROKEE as it’s clearly a fundamental issue in the lives of one or two people on WW.
    However, APYMBA records say that Roy Parris built CHEROKEE in 1958 (not 1965) for J. W. Farrell. Several years ago Ken Ricketts told me she was built for Jack Mayson (who later had the Billy Rogers LADY LOMA and ELDON) around 1950 and was 31ft loa. Bo Farrell told me subsequently she was 34ft loa and built around 1960.
    All sources agreed however that she had a 100hp Gray.
    So maybe CHEROKEE is still an anecdotal work in progress?


  5. Do you remember that big sport fisherman that used to moor at Devonport? Voyager -I think owned by the Shore Ford agent. She was all you say, poles, big engines all speed and USA, but man, I thought she was lovely in the details and a classic.


  6. Just to help you guys out, I had Cherokee listed years ago as a 31’6″ which includes the extra deck length as the hull had been extended under the platform. Traditionally hull length was from top of stem to top of transom which was also length on deck. With hull extensions under the platforms the Marine Industry Association adopted a LOD many years ago to cover this. LOA has never changed obviously, but is the one most crucial for marinas. Regards Allan


  7. Yeah, she a classic! Rod’s Arohanui, Callisto and the like to me are ‘transitional’ for NZ in that they are like what America was well into producing by then with flying bridges big engines and big poles.


  8. What is a transitional classic, pray tell? Dat’s a classic, bro! Right down to the Lees conversion Ford. I always thought the fwd screen looked awkward: Very wide and low. But still……


  9. Roy P built several similar boat from 28 to 32 feet including INVADER PLEASURE LADY, & this one which I believe is the CHEROKEE, with a replaced dodger from original. — KEN R


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