waitematawoodys.com hits Two MILLION Views + a Great Prize

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waitematawoodys.com hits 2 MILLION Views + a Great Prize 2 be Won

Yesterday saw the waitematawoodys site hit 2 million views, something quite amazing for such a niche topic. As  stated in the site masthead, waitematawoodies was founded upon a desire to tell the stories & a need to archive the history of our classic wooden boats, the craftsman who built them & the characters that owned & crewed on them. A lot of people thought we would run out of content to write about in a few months, well that has not happened & given the size of my email in-box won’t  🙂

One of the things that differentiates waitematawoodys from traditional media is the ability for readers to interact with the site & with each other. So far there have been over 1,500 stories & 10,000 comments posted on the site, if you are one of the many that comments – thank you for your contribution, if you have not commented, maybe its time you did. Everyone has at least one good story to tell 😉

While at the start it was not the intention to create a reference library on classic wooden boats, we have ended up with one & its pretty awesome – I have Harold Kidd to thank for giving me a wee ‘fire-side chat’ about striving to get accurate data on the site. These days you can search by vessel name, designer, builder, year, length, category – launch/yacht/work boat, boats for sale & a lot more. Again if you have not tried the Search Box on waitematawoodys – give it a ago.

Cheers Alan Houghton

WIN – Now I’d like to offer up a very cool prize to mark the 2 million milestone. Regular ww readers will be aware that Robert Brooke recently published his book ‘Beautiful Boats’. Robert has been collecting classic yacht designs for over 50 years, amongst his collection is work from our most talented & recognized designers – Arch Logan, Chas Bailey, Charlie & Alex Collings, Colin Wild, Bert Woolacott, Bob Stewart, Des Townson, Alan Wright & Robert’s father – John Brooke. From his collection Robert has chosen 50 & redrawn each design, tracing off the original drawings to present them in a similar format. To add to the wow factor, Robert used the drawing equipment & ships curves that were once used by either Arch Logan, Charlie & Alex Collings or his father. The 105 page, A4 size book allocates 2 pages to each vessel with specs & photo/s on the left & the drawings – hull lines, profile, half breadths, sections, diagonals & sail plan on the right hand page. We have given away 4 copies of the book on waitematawoodys over the last few weeks, in addition Robert donated a framed 380mm x 300mm rendered print of one of the featured boats. Sample below


How to enter & a few t&c’s
1. The first woody that can supply the name, designer, builder, year & photo location of the large yacht on the right in the photo above wins the print.
2. Entries must be in the ww comments section & have all 5 answers correct. You can enter as many times as you like.
3. The judges (thats me) decision is final & no correspondence will be entered into.
4. The winner must collect the prize from Auckland.
5. HDK you are excluded – you have already got one 🙂
If you would like a copy of the book – visit Boat Books at 22 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven, Auckland & grab a copy for yourself, cost is $60. For out of towners or those who refer the web – copies are available on line at https://www.boatbooks.co.nz/
ps I have also held back posting this on ww until 7.00am to give all woodys (not just the night owls) a chance to win 🙂

38 thoughts on “waitematawoodys.com hits Two MILLION Views + a Great Prize

  1. Broadly on this topic, can I ask Harold / Robin a yachting question : Which is the oldest yacht in NZ still in the water?? (afloat)


  2. At the risk of being tedious, EHOA/ROMP is not the ROMP that was built by Chas. Bailey Sr in 1891 for J R Gibbons of Wellington as MAHINA, nor is she the other Wellington boat NANCY STAIR built by Tom Le Huquet in 1893(ish) for Fred Hunt of Auckland as PONEKE which got the nickname DONKEY too, possibly because she had a common origin and was vaguely similar to EHOA.


  3. Quite a few boats have died on that and nearby beach actually, latest is the launch discussed a while back ‘Lolita’. There were some in the grass I used to see as a kid too


  4. The offer is withdrawn. Drank it myself (just kidding). She was ROMP, formerly R(H)ONA formerly EHOA, but usually called “the Donkey” (EHOA = HEEHAW, get it) built by Tom Le Huquet in 1894. W T Deeming bought her in 1924 from fisherman Danny Holland and took her North where she eventually died on that beach during WW2 I think. I have sent Alan an image of her at a Ponsonby Regatta c1895.
    Sorry about the obscure Maori passage. My Maori grammar is a shade rusty. I was trying to spread clues.

    Photo added below. AH


  5. Hmm I didn’t think it was Gloriana, not the right forefoot or cabintop-to-hull length ratio.


  6. Negative, negative. The Johnny Walker is for a sniper, not a scatter-gun merchant on Opening Day.


  7. Charles Bailey Junior has just turned in his grave at O’Neill’s Point. NEW GOLDEN HIND was his last major oeuvre! Jenkins had Bailey design and build his previous boat, the big launch SHENANDOAH.


  8. Alan, congratulations on a fantastic web site, and such a huge archive and reference base not only for the wonderful boats, and photographs, but also for the marvelous stories that accompany them. Bring on the 3 million hits. 🙂


  9. Hi Alan, just wanted to add my congratulations to you for your wonderful website and your 2 million views milestone! We probably wouldn’t have bought our much loved Juanita if I wasn’t able to research her provenance and make those connections through the terrific resource that you have compiled. So many thanks and well done. Nick


  10. Hi, she is the Golden Hind built 1939 at Deemings Boat yard Bay of Islands . The designer has been named as different people, never fully identified . Possibly in part by Scarlet Deeming the builder


  11. Hi Alan

    Congratulations on the milestone. I read your posts daily, dreaming of being able one day to purchase and restore one of these wonderful boats. So Waitemata Woodys is a daily inspiration for me….every so often I put one of the photos on as a screen saver to keep me working harder to the goal of woody ownership! Keep up the good work!




  12. To celebrate the 2 millionth posting, I’ll put up a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label to the first WW follower to identify the yacht on the hard on the left of the beach.


  13. The photo reminds me of Ranger, designed and built by Lou Tercel in St Mary’s Bay (what is now Westhaven) and launched 1938.
    Cheers, Hugh.


  14. I want to say New Golden Hind at Deemings. CBF looking up if she was multi- skinned or whatever, I guess I could look in my copy of ‘And Not to Yield”


  15. The photo reminds me of Ranger, designed and built by Lou Tercel at St Mary’s Bay, launched in 1938. Cheers, Hugh Kent Ph 027 2242215 hughegkent@gmail.com

    On Tuesday, 21 June 2016, waitematawoodys.com #1 for classic wooden bo


  16. Hey Alan,Congrats on a great website,and your 2 millionth hit. The day would not be complete without a kick start on a subject dear to so many peoples heart. Well Done.


  17. Good morning Alan, I would venture to say that she is the Tawera ,she was designed by Arch Logan, and built by Col Wild in 1935. As to location of the photo I would plump for Auckland Harbour with Rangitoto in the background as seen on the right hand side of photo. Cheers martin


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