Looking For A Wooden Boat Project?



Looking For A Wooden Boat Project?

The photos of the above skiff were sent to me by Baden Pascoe. Baden reports that it is a genuine Orkney Island fishing skiff bought back from the Orkney Islands by Baden’s friend Lyle Woods of Whitianga. The skiff was built in Lerwick c.1960/70’s as a training sailing rowing boat for a group similar to Sea Scouts. Her overall length is approx. 16’. The design is closely related to the St Alyes or Fair Isles fishing skiff now used by the NZ Coastal Rowing Association. The boat if restored would make an excellent two person raiding boat. Baden has know doubts she would sail well with a balanced lug rig & Baden told me that the NZ Coastal Rowing group would welcome this lovely boat to our fleet.
Her owner, Lyle, is looking to move the project on to a new owner & is asking a very fair price of $1,000. The not a lot of money for a boat this size & design. In fact on face value its a steal 😉
Baden commented that the NZ Coastal Rowing group would be able to assist with technical details on setting her up for rowing and sailing.

Interested parties can contact Lyle Woods at    lylemandcal@xtra.co.nz

3 thoughts on “Looking For A Wooden Boat Project?

  1. the name of this Shetland maid is Challenge. Google Shetland maid, view them in action.
    Great value at a grand.


  2. It is called a Yole.They were rigged in a variety of ways,dipping lugs,sprit,one or two masted,bowsprit etc..Some have been decked setting off a nice oval shaped cockpit.Lovely looking boats.Would be a great project for a Woody.


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