details ex Greg Chapman’s father. photo ex Ken Ricketts. edited by Alan H

Ken recently sent in the above photo of Poranui & advises that he was told that she was owned by Greg Chapman, who kept her at Thames, in the early 2000’s. Greg brought her off someone who had kept her in the Herald Island area. At the time she was powered by a 4 cyl. Ford diesel with a Paragon manual gearbox. Greg sold her to 2 retired professional people in Whangamata.
These days she is owned by a Mr Taylor who lives aboard at Thames.
There is speculation she may possibly be a converted yacht & while not visible in this photo, she may have a counter stern.
Any woodys able to help with any more details on Poranui’s past?
Last Chance Today To Win A Copy of Robert Brooke’s ‘Beautiful Boats’ Book

Today is your last chance to win the fourth & final copy of Robert’s book. The first woody that can answer correctly the two questions below will win a copy of Robert’s just released book ‘Beautiful Boats’. All replies most be in the ww comments section to be eligible. The 3 previous winners are excluded from entering  🙂 – Bruce Tantrum, Martin Howson & Bruce Pullan.

Again I have held back posting this live on ww until 6.30am to give the woodys that like a lie in, a chance to win 🙂

Q1. Which boat builder did Robert serve his apprenticeship under?
Q2. After leaving the above boat builders yard, name the two other boat builders Robert worked with before branching out on his own?
Some Background On The Book

Robert has been collecting classic yacht designs for over 50 years, amongst his collection is work from our most talented & recognized designers – Arch Logan, Chas Bailey, Charlie & Alex Collings, Colin Wild, Bert Woolacott, Bob Stewart, Des Townson, Alan Wright & Robert’s father – John Brooke.
From his collection Robert has chosen 50 & redrawn each design, tracing off the original drawings to present them in a similar format. To add to the wow factor, Robert used the drawing equipment & ships curves that were once used by either Arch Logan, Charlie & Alex Collings or his father.

The 105 page, A4 size book allocates 2 pages to each vessel with specs & photo/s on the left & the drawings – hull lines, profile, half breadths, sections, diagonals & sail plan on the right hand page (refer Rainbow drawing example below). Its a must have in all serious woodys library.

I also have a framed 380 x 300 rendered copy of one of the Beautiful Boats to give away, details soon on how you could win this for your wall.

There are thousands of ww followers out there so do not get your hopes up on winning a copy 🙂 I would suggest you visit Boat Books at 22 Westhaven Drive, Westhaven, Auckland & grab a copy for yourself, cost is $60. For out of towners or those who refer the web – copies are available on line at https://www.boatbooks.co.nz/
Its a very limited print run & Boat Books are the sole outlet. Boat Books also have framed copies of the prints for sale.

8 thoughts on “Poranui

  1. I had not seen the boat as I did not know it personally, spell checked it with Greg Chapman’s Father at last 2 or 3 times, because it is an unusual name to me, & that is exactly how it was given to me — I can do no better than that???
    I have also noticed my name is also spelt more than 1 way quite often on woodys, in fact it has happened in the last week, — there seems to be a shortage of “T”s in particular, available from time to time, on the site. – KEN R


  2. Ok, better late than never for the quiz. Some of us have to work all day eh!
    Robert would have served his apprenticeship with Percy Vos and later worked for Snow Waters and J Salthouse.


  3. Re: PORANUI (not Pouranui), yes she still resides here in Thames very close to IDA which has a counter stern. IDA fished out of Helensville years ago. Do you recall her, Zack Matich ?


  4. For the after 6.30am Brigade,(late risers) you will enjoy this wonderful asset to any coffee table that Robert has produced, we are so fortunate to have had all these wonderful designers,builders and sympathetic owners who treasure their boats during their time of stewardship


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