PAIKEA - 1970s

photo ex Fraser Chapman

While Paikea has appeared on ww a couple of times (nearly 2 years ago), the above 1970’s photo emailed to me by Ken Ricketts was just too good to just add to one of the existing posts, so here she is looking very voom voom. Harold Kidd has advised that in her day she was good for 20 knots, read below.
Harold Kidd Input

PAIKEA was built by Collings & Bell for A.H. Court and launched on 26th January 1921. She was fitted with a 120-150hp Model M Van Blerck 6 cylinder petrol engine (not a straight-eight Packard as is often said). PAIKEA had Chas. Collings’ “concave-convex” type of hard chine design which he made famous with his various FLEETWINGS and whale-chasers. Indeed she was a refinement of the FLEETWING whose image appears in the Collings & Bell section of WW.

PAIKEA was good for 20 knots and can still do it with her present big Iveco/Fiat, as I experienced not long ago at Sandspit. She goes like hell and stable with it.

Alf Court sold her to Hec Marler in 1925 and he sold her to R B & S S Wilson just prior WW2. She was in NAPS during WW2 as Z17.

Hec Marler had great taste in boats – having once owned the 1905 Arch Logan yacht Rawhiti, one of NZ’s most stunning classic yachts.

You can view a gallery of historical Paikea photos here

10 thoughts on “Paikea

  1. Might need to check if my insurance is valid for being an anchored target for a thousand lineal feet of kauri charging at me.
    What a great sight it would be though.
    I’ll drive RII for you if you like Harold or is your memory still fresh re Waimiga broaching off the Naval Base?


  2. There are quite a few quick ones out there, witnessed Lady Helen skipping along on Anzac weekend, it is sure to be quite a do – the first race to Kawau when some of the others are relaunched, perhaps I will organise a trophy and you could be the finish boat Colin?


  3. Very true Colin, only last night I witnessed two young enthusiasts in a dimly lit corner off Beaumont st firming up a hull that they have rescued just in the nick of time, talk of flying spray straight exhausts with no silencing and low profile cabins has their eyes glinting, now we just need a supply of kauri, or golden mac at a pinch – long lengths not required. Anyone out there??


  4. Sadly she was pretty run down when I last saw her at Kawau. Had been skinned with plywood if I recall correctly. Still seemed to have a pretty good turn of speed.
    About time the CYA organised a drag race with some of these old speedsters.


  5. Marler may have had good taste but how about all the boats that the Courts and Wilsons owned too!


  6. She was later owned by Steve Hansen (Takapuna Contractors) who also owned Black Watch (converted HDML), Maria and a small line hauler (ex AHB). He had a dwelling in Schoolhouse Bay, above the big jetty (SE cnr).


  7. PAIKEA had belonged to Arthur (Bluey) Inness the Auckland car dealer for a period, in the 1970s after he sold AWATERE that was built for him by Mc Geady & kept her at the Sandspit, all, or much, of the time. — KEN R


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