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photo ex Historic NZ Photos, ex A Turnball Library. details ex Russell Ward

Aorangi was built by Shipbuilders at St Marys Bay. Powered by two Kelvins which was unusual for a side trawler. The above photo of her slipped is reportedly dated 9th September 1949.

So a question for the work boat woodys out there – what became of her?

Input from Keith Munro – She is owned by Colin Silby and is on the hard stand at West Park at the moment. It belonged to Ginger Gibbs as well years ago. Washed ashore at Te Atatu a couple of year ago in a big easterly and was a major to re-float.

Input from Russell Ward –  photo below of her ashore for some TLC and a chat with friends -(photo ex Carol Forsythe-  Marine Compliance website).
Russell is rather fond of ‘St Kathryn’ that is alongside Aorangi.  In his words “A damn good looker that I’d give houseroom any time”


15 thoughts on “Aorangi

  1. Cameron, is she still owned by Colin Silby. I loved looking across the park at her every morning and night as I commuted, she was so different in Blue rather than boring white. The dreams of taking her on adventures filled an otherwise boring trip to work.. haha


  2. i see Aorangi has moved from her mooring in TeAtatu Creek. She’s not sitting up on the mud this time, does anyone know where she has gone?


  3. i had the pleasure of working her late 80s early 90s with mac ewans as skipper. this fat ass gal has influenced every boat purchase since i fell in love with her. my latest was a little sister of hers a 69? 30 ft shipbuilders call windless days.


  4. The prettiest hull; that sheer, that stern, that flare.
    Definitely a European/ Med influence.
    A delight to the eye.


  5. I guess every designer builder is influenced. Aorangi was built by Shipbuilders at the time when Tim Windsor was there as designer- he did the great quartet Lady Eileen, Rosemary 2, Mahara and to lesser extent Rakanoa. He had a great eye and -just look at Aorangi’s sheer and that transom. Stylee.
    Sandra’s skipper said to me when I enthused about her 55 years back “What the hell you want a prop out the side like that so the gear can catch in it…..”


  6. Westpark?? Hain’t no such hanimal! :-D. But yes, she’s here at Hobsonville Marina and has been for some time. Pretty hull!


  7. Usually Te atatu, powered by Gardners now, don’t spose VS would like those old English engines…


  8. Here’s a clue. Paint it blue and look in the CYA register hehe.
    Her mooring is in the Whau Creek Te Atatu. And presently on the hard at Hobsonville marina all 60tons of her, well with a look!


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