A tour of the waterfront



A tour of the waterfront

After the decision on Sunday to pull the pin on racing, David Glen took Rainbow for a wee cruise around the waterfront docks to check out the talent. Below is a pot-pourri of vessels – some classic, some wood, some glass & some very exotic.

Enjoy the cruise, we did 🙂


Sea Devil was hauled out at the hard stand for some TLC, if she was mine I would be taking the power plane to those anti-roll bilge fins. Very agricultural, the ones on my Raindance were similar & post some feathering / shaping the drag effect was noticeably reduced.

6 thoughts on “A tour of the waterfront

  1. I have always thought a squaresail could be set to some advantage from a yard, however that’s fairly high on the mast…
    Now a Lug rig that’s an improvement on the gaff


  2. ‘ATHOS’, 230′, one of the world’s greatest sailing yachts and the biggest private schooner. Nice to see her here.
    – Thanks for the ‘Victory’ link to Marco Scuderi, Alan, and will follow up shortly.


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