Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #20 – Xmas 1967/68 Cruise On Kiariki & Defiant

Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #20 – Xmas 1967/68 Cruise On Kiariki & Defiant

Another Jack Brooke drawing, published on ww thanks to son Robert for making them available to ww followers. Jack produced a hand drawing on each cruise. Today’s post is the 20th featured – this one shows the xmas 1967/68 cruise aboard Kiariki & Defiant. A lot water under the keel on this trip – Kawau Island, Bay of Islands, Whangaroa & Great Barrier Island. It appears there was a little fire incident. Crew list below – you’ll note there was a mutiny* post Kawau 🙂

Crew On board Kiariki : John Brooke, Elsie Brooke, Howard Wallace, Monty Wallace, Peter Walker

Crew On board Defiant : John & Judy Salthouse, Philip, John Brooke*, Elsie Brooke*

6 thoughts on “Jack Brooke Cruise Collection #20 – Xmas 1967/68 Cruise On Kiariki & Defiant

  1. Very scenic sailing around the Wide berth, having sailed inside it but as in the islands only when the sun is high!


  2. 🙂
    I found an interesting program on TM the other day, a nice poster picture from the production ‘Show Boat’ (1951) – You Tube Featureing a huge paddle steamer. Might follow that up some time when it’s too rainy to go boating.
    Have a nice weekend Harold. And oh! I tried PAC n Save for some of that red we had the other day I couldn’t find it there in the cardboard section. Drat!


  3. Simple. Same as pukeko. Put them in a large pot with a volcanic rock and seasoning, bring to boil, then let simmer for 3 days, throw away the fish and eat the rock.


  4. Realy?
    The size of young whales??
    I think we are generally Fearless and Indestructible in our tin can, winch up the centre plate and smootch in for a closer look.
    I’m not sure about those big rubbery fish, how do you cook them?
    Hey Harold! It’s Friday…


  5. Pam, that’s probably because you gave them too wide a berth…..wisely, of course. Once caught some gigantic porae off those islands, the size of young whales.


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