Mystery Boat 30-04-2015

MYSTERY BOAT 30-04-2015

Been a while since we had a “who can ID this boat” on ww. All I know is that the photo was taken in Auckland. Her colour scheme is quite distinctive & the location says Clevedon to me, so hopefully we can uncover some info on her.
In my eyes a nice sedan, without the fruit on top 😉

20 thoughts on “Mystery Boat 30-04-2015

  1. I think she’s a Salthouse all right, one of several they built of this nice configuration, but am keen to peel the layers off the onion and find out her original name.


  2. Odd that she’s not on Salthouses’ own build list under either name. No doubt that will be all made clear tomorrow.


  3. Take a bow Nathan you have a very good eye. It is Lady Allison. Previously called Lady Helen but someone asked the owner if they named her after Helen Clake, so there was a very quick name change 🙂
    Full details & photos in Saturdays ww post .


  4. Does anyone know, or can we find out, if the original pic was taken recently, if so, they have to be sisterships as original, before the flat was added on top, but having studied both the added photo, & the original, they would seem to me to be the same boat, if the original it is not a recent photo. — Have taken cognisance of the hand rail styles, configurations, number of posts, distance of posts apart, etc., main cabin front screen style & size, & it all fits exactly in both pics, also front quarterlight shape & size, & rear window slope fits as well. — What do others think? Are both pics another LADY ALLISON, & of course, as the sign says, a Salthouse? — KEN RICKETTS


  5. My pennies worth as a man who has yet to experience the dark side but do recognise nice lines would be Salthouse first, Brin Wilson second. If she was mine I would remove her top hat however despite its apparent utility


  6. How about Logan, Bailey, Rogers, Woolley, Atkinson, Pelin, Collings, Lang, Shipbuilders, Brin Wilson, Jim Young……um….Schnickelgruber??? Gotta shotgun.


  7. Mmm Nathan may be close with that nice line to the bow could be a Couldrey / Salthouse a few were built, or call me KR – a Lidgard


  8. Could also be McGeady, or Lane Motor Boat, or faint possibility C Wild, by the bow lines, but I tend to plug for McGeady. — looks like 1950s or earlyish 60s. — also location.– Interesting. — Am curious??? KEN RICKETTS


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