Okareka (Fergy)

OKAREKA (formally FERGY)
photos & details Kent Dadson & Ken Ricketts. Edited by Alan H

Looking for lots of clarification today. Today’s launch was built by Colin Wild & reportedly launched c1940’s (but her owner, Kent Dadson, has been told 1952). She started life named Fergy & is approx. 35′ long.
She was built for Don Brown of D. D. Brown Ltd & had 2 x Graymarine flat head 6 cyl 90 hp petrol engines. Ken Ricketts commented that she was one of the very first boats that had mufflers fitted to petrol engines with above water exhausts – most boats popped or roared along in those days, but Wanda II, Connie V & Fergie were all virtually silent,  from idle up to cruising speed. The petrol engines were later replaced (c.1965?) with twin Ford 2701Es diesels (Lees conversion). Her varnished coamings went white, very early in the peace, pre 1953.
1954 photo of her below in Mansion House Bay, Kawau Island.

Any help in confirming the above & filling in her past would be appreciated.


Update from John Blundell – Ted Copsey and his son Peter were the Fergusson tractor agents based in Pukekohe and they rented some space at the back of Fisher and Blundell Ltd in Newmarket around 1960 – thence the name Fergy 😉

August 2015 Photo at Gulf Harbour


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  2. I owned Okareka from 2003 to 2006. I found her for sale up the Tamaki River berthed outside Owen Wolley’s original boat shed. The gentleman who owned her was 95 years old at the time and had completed a long restoration of her, he was selling as he wanted to do some more travel 🙂 She was like a 1950’s time capsule, right down to the original Crown Lynn crockery with Okareka inscribed on them. We had some absolutely great times with her. Have some shots also…


  3. Highly collectible these days. On a recent visit to Dunedin we partially paid our B&B charges with the exchange of some quite ordinary-looking but rare Crown Lynn cups and saucers the landlady was eager to acquire for her collection.


  4. Yes. the crockery was given to us by the late Tom Clarke as we supplied the Crown Lynn pottery and the Amalgamated Brick @ Tile Co with furnace oil through our Britomart Service Station contract with BP Oil.
    Hope Okareka serves you well as we had many years of happy cruising.


  5. We are awaiting an analysis of the diesel oil to see how the Ford engines have fared after 4500hrs of service since 1968. The last owner Ross Hawkins kept a very clean bilge and she has recently had the tanks cleaned out and new fuel filters added.
    On board are Crown Lynn plates and crockery with ” Okareka” glazed into them; a gift from Tom Clarke of Ceramco.


  6. We owned Okareka for a number of years from 1963.
    The coamings were varnished but much later put back to white.
    2 Flagship petrol engines when we purchased.
    We had the 2x 4/70 Diesel engines installed and commissioned on 25th July 1968 as the port Flagship petrol engine had a major breakdown on a voyage back from Bay of Islands.
    Only other modification we did was adding the dodger over the then open cockpit. This was done at end of 1963.


  7. Okareka was at one time owned by Vic Adams who lived in Sylvia Ave Northcote at the time.


  8. Ted Copsey and his son Peter were the Fergusson tractor agents based in Pukekohe and they rented some space at the back of Fisher and Blundell Ltd in Newmarket around 1960


  9. BTW the Owens Flagship engines were probably their new for 1952 3.3″ x 4.4″, 226 cu in units. I’m not sure which proprietary US truck block they were built on.


  10. She was built by Colin Wild in 1948 according to the APYMBA in 1957 and 1952 according to the Lloyd’s Yacht Register in 1964. I’m certain she was built in 1952. IF she started life as FERGY (and I’m almost certain she did) she was built for Ted Copsey who sold her to Donald Brown of Almorah Road.Brown about 1957. Brown appears to have changed her name to OKAREKA.
    Her first engines were 2 x 90hp Flagship 6 cylinder petrol and her dimensions 36’x34’x9’8″x4′.
    I M Nairn of Manurewa owned her in 1964. She was advertised recently on Trade Me with twin 75hp Ford diesels.


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