photos & details ex Ian Nairn, Harold Kidd & John Blundell

Ian Nairn sent me the above photos of Okareka taken when his family owned her between 1961 & 1975 approx.. At the time Ian’s family owned the Britomart Service Station in Custom Street East, Auckland.
Ian is a member of an exclusive ww club, 3 of his families boats have featured on ww – Silver Spray, Lady Pat & Okareka.

Okareka was built by Colin Wild in 1952 (tbc) & when launched her original name was ‘Fergy’, the significance of the name being that her original owner Ted Copsey & his son Peter had the Massey Ferguson tractor dealership in Pukekohe. Copsey sold her c.1957 to Don Brown of Almorah Rd Epsom. It appears Brown changed her name to Okareka.
During the Nairn ownership period they added, with the help of Roy Parris, the dodger over the open rear cockpit. They also installed the twin Ford diesel engines (on the 25th July 1968).

NOTE: In an early ww post Ken Rickett’s commented that Okareka’s varnished coamings were painted white pre 1953, the photos above are dated 1964 so Ken’s memory bank needs rebooting 🙂 Also Ken states that her first owner was Don Brown, which clashes with the Ferg name / ownership link ex John Blundell – hopefully today’s post clears up these discrepancies.

More details on the vessel, her owners & recent photos here https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/04/29/okareka/ – remember to read the COMMENTS section 😉

6 thoughts on “Okareka

  1. OKAREKA is now moored at Herne Bay just off Watchman’s Island. Great to see the early photos without the flybridge and with the varnished coamings. We will keep her “as is” for a season or until the next major haul out while we get accustomed to her. The wheelhouse windows are due for re-sealing so I will check out the condition of the timber with view to a varnished finish then.


  2. Like the curate’s egg, “It’s good in parts, Sir”.
    There’s the question of whether part-correct and part-wrong info is worth having.
    I don’t think it has any value at all.


  3. Always thought she was a very pretty boat. The aft dodger added to the habitability but spoiled the simplicity and balance of her looks I reckon: Could have been a bit lower but then might bruise scalps. The frying bridge she sports these days spoils things in a big way. Sad but still, she’s all under there.


  4. Sorry my memory let me down but only to a degree as you will see. I have a screen grab photo (on the previous ww post link) that was taken from my dads boat in Mansion House Bay, Christmas 1954, with no dodger & painted coamings, so I’m very confident the coamings must have been revarnished later. Yet we also have proof now she had varnish when the dodger had been added which was obviously later in the peace. edited by AH


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