Jennifer II

photo ex Tony Kellian ex Pam Cundy at Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard

The photos of Jennifer II were sent to Pam by Tony & show her hauled out at the Whangateau slip & at sea. Jennifer was used by Tony’s grand father Ross Kellian to commercially fish out of Leigh.
The Kellian family would like to know who built her etc. and if she might be still be around.

So woodys – can anyone help out with info on Jennifer?

10 thoughts on “Jennifer II

  1. Hi Baden,
    Here at the boat yard we are bringing together the history that surrounds the boat yard. I have some photos of boats that the Greenwoods built here, half models… But lots of gaps, photos weren’t always readily taken. May I use the material above and do you have anything more on the boat building in the Whangateau Leigh area that you feel could be relevant to the yard and the surrounding district.
    Whangateau boat yard built and serviced some of the fleet of boats that operated for Leigh Fishery’s. Howard Greenwoods daughter told me it was a very busy slip way. I have made some humble beginnings by setting up a face book page Google Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard – face book. I have a little more to add as time permits. I’m not expecting huge amounts of material I would just like to compile something of the happenings here and then to offer it to the Warkwoth Mueseum for their records.
    There were also periods of competitive and casual sailing club days, sailing out of tram car, the boat yard, and big Omaha. We would like to hear of any scraps of info. Can you help?


  2. Goodness me I think Baden may have something there, the hulls look very similar from a glance, Jennifer was very full forward. Presume the picture was taken at Easter judging by the visitors from the PCC?


  3. Colin Ross(known as “Have-a-chat”) built two work boats around the 30-32′ mark at Leigh, one being Red Wing owned by my cousin Wayne Pascoe. This boat looks similar to Redwing (AK27). She has a very distinctive framing /ribbing, rather than use conventional sized ribs say 11/2 x 1″ for a work boat of this size, he used wide flat ribs/ bands of about 21/2″ by 3/4″. He was also big on using hold fast nails. Later he lengthened her and skinned the hull with diagonal glued planks. She was in a real state when Wayne bought her and after about a 3 year rebuild, one would think she was only a few years old, not a boat built about 1950. Wayne renamed her” Valda M” after his mother. A very nice work boat conversion indeed.


  4. Bugger! But may I say, blame the operator not the equipment? I have always been extremely vigilant with the mooring of our 10 ton classic, how it is secured to the boat, wear points etc and how she rides in a storm…


  5. Thought to be Lanes 1952, unfortunately latest news is broke her mooring just before christmas and went on the rocks on island in coromandel harbour.


  6. Known as Jennifer 11 lately, a handy little launch- was run by the Victoria cruising club during the eighties / nineties as a patrol boat, then sold and ended up at Milford under the care of Dave O’Carrol who lavished a lot of time on her and caught up with the deferred maintenance. Lost track of her after he sold her approx. two years ago.


  7. Murray will know this one, she’s somewhat recently left milford. For somewhere not so local iirc. I was told Lane, built as a work boat for yacht races or some such. I’d have guessed Lidgard


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