Wooden Boats In Croatia

Wooden Boats In Croatia

Somehow I think the middle child must be deaf, she has emerged from 22 years of sharing a roof with me & says “Dad you’ll be proud of me, I’m sailing on a wooden yacht in Croatia” & sends me the above photos. When I asked if they actually sailed i.e. put the sails up, she replied “yes I think they did a few times” 🙂
Had a chuckle at the big ugly air con unit on deck, I suppose its the trade off for a cool cabin & cold drinks.

That’s her in the middle doing a back flip 🙂

And b4 Jason P comes on & says “what sails”, there is a wee one 😉

3 thoughts on “Wooden Boats In Croatia

  1. Scariest thing – most of them are Australian…………….. that might require an amended will 🙂
    12v – but as you know wooden boats don’t get cold or too hot. Saying that I do know a woody that has just installed heating in their rather nice classic & are wondering why they left it so long to do.


  2. I trust her father knows the names of all those chaps she is falling head over heals with? Doesn’t Raindance have A/C ? Boy have I got a deal for you! 12 or 240V sir?


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