Ruakuri – Sailing Sunday

RUAKURI –  Sailing Sunday
photos from Pam Cundy at Whangateau Traditional Boat Yard

Other than the location being Fitzroy at Great Barrier Island Ruakuri is a mystery to me, the chunk of alloy on the stern is a clue she has done some blue water sailing.

Anyone able to supply more info on her?

4 thoughts on “Ruakuri – Sailing Sunday

  1. Hi – yes I know all about the Ruakuri’s history – my elder brother Dick Speechly built her with friends in our backyard Timaru over several years …my younger brother Brian & our mother went to Waiheke Island to get the plans. I remember the melting of car batteries to make lead for the keel. The steam box for the planks took up the potato patch one year. Jarrah wood was hewn for part of the keel…My Mother was a hero – endless morning and afternoon teas & lunches at weekend…she was the driving force….so special when my son found this link today…DIANA BROADHEAD nee SPEECHLY.


  2. It’s not always about the boat in the photo.
    It’s jumping in the dinghy observing nature, the birds and the pesty shag that won’t cooperate, swimming that bit faster than the click of the camera
    or the gentle breeze on her hull that pivots the house on the hill out of shot and the dinghy waffles away with the tide and takes more coaxing back into place than you want to give.
    and on your return, find the camera was never on the preferred setting all along and you wonder given this precious moment of time how you possibly could have got it so wrong.


  3. South Island built. The name has a geographical connotation I can’t remember. She’s been at The Barrier for at least 30 years, though I don’t know of that’s continuously. When I first ran across her she was owned by a young couple; she was a Kiwi, he was (IRRC) Swiss. We were working on a movie set on Urupukapuka Is. He was the horse wrangler, she was the “chicken wrangler”. (No, really!) From memory she’s built to BD standard, and I’ve always thought of her as a good example of a seaworthy cruising yacht of her period..


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