NAME & SHAME – Which councillors voted for wharf extensions

NAME & SHAME – List of which Auckland City Councillors voted for wharf extensions or whose on the Ports of Auckland Xmas Party list & whose not

Let me tell you something that most of you already know – Len Brown & some of the Auckland City Councilors are not true friends of Auckland. A high % of the councilors are egotistical w_nkers that as a good friend used to say about them -“they have never had to buy contraception in their life, they use their personality”.

Now the worst thing that could happen to them is to lose their Council seat at the next election. So folks if you are passionate about the Waitemata Harbour & are against the Ports of Auckland container wharf extensions, todays NZ Herald has made life easy for you. They published a list for who voted for, against & in my mind even worse, those that did not attend the meeting. A no show really says a lot about you, these people need to remember its not their personal view we are interested in – they are there because we voted for them to represent us. They are not doing that, so they need to go.

Does this post help the cause? – yes, ww is seen daily by thousands of passionate people that have an affinity with our harbour, they are also intelligent people & they will remind friends & family who to vote for.

I encourage you to forward this email to others so people can see where their Councillors stand on this issue & which way they voted.

If you know any on the bad list, tell them to enjoy Council life as they won’t be back next time.


7 thoughts on “NAME & SHAME – Which councillors voted for wharf extensions

  1. Hi Fellow Woodies!
    Auckland is outa control. We never asked for the Magaflopolis. It was foisted upon us by that idiot Rodney Hide who never had any presence in government anyway. National just did it as a gratis gift because of his support. How nice of them to leave the rate payers to pay for it.
    Now we are not being listened to again and POA are being allowed a concession to build half a wharf and doubtless the option to do the rest sometime soon when we have grown to accept it. It was a hung decision and loopy Len gave the casting vote in favour. Five councillors didn’t even think enough of it to attend the meeting.
    Pants Down Brown thinks half a wharf is a good compromise. I got news for you sweetcheeks. If they want more wharf space they can dig out Mechanics Bay again and put it in there.
    We have the finest harbour in the whirrled. Why are we allowing non boating people to stuff it. At least if Harry Julian was on the board he would have stopped it. God rest his soul.
    Are we having another protest against this or are we just gonna sit back all meek and mild and pay extra rates?
    Where do places like Hobart have their container wharves? You don’t seem to notice them. Certainly not encroaching on their harbor like this festering carbuncle.

    It needs lancing now!

    Yours aye
    Argus Tuft


  2. You should qualify the “good guys” list with “hypocrite” for the likes of Cameron Brewer who previously voted in favour of the wharf extensions at the council meeting (late Feb/early March?), and where Len Brown was conveniently in Christchurch and hence did not have to vote. Cameron of course being the consumate politcian saw the tide turning and made a fast 180 on his position.
    I cannot remember how others voted, would be interesting to compare the votes in that meeting with the current list


  3. Noted and email sent to local councillor voicing my disappointment but I fear Auckland as I’ve known it is evaporating by the day anyway.


  4. Great commentary on the subject matter, albiet i work overseas but Auckland is home and i fully support no more Encroachment on the Harbour. they should focus on traffic issues.


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