Trinidad – 52′ Salthouse Motor Yacht

Trinidad – 52′ Salthouse Motor Yacht

Launched in 1965, designed by Bob Salthouse, built with 3 skin kauri planking at John Salthouse’s Greenhithe yard. She featured on the cover of the September 1966 edition of ‘Sea Spray’ magazine.
Powered by a 6LX Gardner diesel she cruises comfortably at 8.5>10 knots, with a cruising range of 1000miles. In my mind there are a few things that make a boat a ship, one of them is an ‘engine room’ versus an engine compartment & the second is a ‘workshop’ & the last is a galley that is a separate room – Trinny sports all three of these.
Trinidad is a very spacious vessel with 6’9″ headroom & her wheelhouse enjoys excellent visibility & is one of the most used areas on-board.
Trinidad is a true blue water ship with passages to Australia & a circumnavigation of NZ.
Her owners, Barbara & David Cooke maintain her to a standard that some would say is better than new & she is much admired where ever she drops anchor. AH

2 thoughts on “Trinidad – 52′ Salthouse Motor Yacht

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  2. I was told that When Julian purchased Haunui, a bunch of my Gt Grandfather’s friends went down to pick her up and invited Mitchell along too. Apparently he was too tall for the berths and had to sleep on the floor, but he liked her style and layout and thus had Trinidad built in a similar style.


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