Winter – yeah right

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Winter – yeah right

Forecast looked good & I had a wee bit of reading (work) to catch up on so I gave Raindance a fright & slipped the lines on Friday morning & headed down to Waiheke Island. Chris Miller (Rorqual) came down late afternoon. We were rewarded with a great weather, mill pond bay & crystal clear water. Plus not a lot of boats overnighted.

4 thoughts on “Winter – yeah right

  1. Russell – you would have approved – big steak, oven roasted vegetables & a ‘Rabbit Ranch’ Pinot. Refilled the hot water bottle at 6a.m. & read the June issue of Classic Boat magazine (one of the best issues in a long time)


  2. Yep, you can get some good cruising in winter. Sometimes need some good Pinot or malt to ward off the cold. Times of good hearty stews (we used to call them Pirate Stews in the family). Never get up before the sun comes beaming in the windows: To hell with getting the colours up at 0800!


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