Mystery Launch + Woodys Stillwater Picnic New Date

Jack Brooke Mystery Launch

Todays woody is only a mystery because the seller didn’t disclose the vessels name 😦

What we know is she is 36’ in length, with a 10’ beam. Built in kauri utilising carvel construction and launched in 1962.

Powered by twin Ford 65hp Diesel engines, cruises comfortably at 8>9 knots.

Anyone able to tell us more about the boat – name, builder, history etc 🙂


5 thoughts on “Mystery Launch + Woodys Stillwater Picnic New Date

  1. Steve Hansen owned this launch at one stage,twin Fordsons with dry stack exhausts she is noisy


  2. I am pretty sure that she is not Dads design. I have looked through his drawings,
    nothing resembling this boat
    Robert Brooke

    # thanks Robert. I have deleted the reference to JB. Alan H

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  3. I would also question whether she is a Brooke design, the hard chine, straight line stem and slight tumblehome at the stern do not match other Brooke designs of that era. As for the cabin coamings….

    #Thanks Alan- can only go in what the owner says, but as we all know that isn’t always correct. Alan H 😄


  4. She lived at schoolhouse bay for some years then Trev the prop doctor had her in Milford Creek, Brooke ??


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