Southern Seas – A Peak Down Below


Southern Seas., previously named South Seas, last appeared on WW back in 2014 (link below) At the time she was for sale at an asking price of $85k, currently she is for sale with bids starting at $25k and a ‘buy now’ figure of $65k, which includes marina (I suspect, rental only). 

Back in 2014 we were not able to successfully ID the designer / builder and from her tme listing, thanks Ian McDonald, still can not. Possible build date is c.1963. We know that she is 34’ in length and built of 3 skins of kauri on opposite diagonals and powered by a Lees converted 6 cyl. Ford D series diesel.

As always keen to be able to confirm her provenance.
2014 WW story.

1 thought on “Southern Seas – A Peak Down Below

  1. She is another one of the many Shipbuilders Ltd Kitset boats, which were all built between 28 & 34 feet, of 2 or 3 skins of opposite diagonal kauri, glued & screwed, with dynal fibreglass cloth over the top, & all built between c1960 & 1966, either totally, or partially completed, by Shipbuilders Ltd, or sold totally in kitset form, for home assembly, by the owners or others
    The kitsets did not include the coamings, & there has been, & still is, a huge diversity of coamings styles.
    They were all equipped with just one engine. — KEN R


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