Broad Bay Boating Club

Broad Bay Boating Club

Eldest child, son Tom, was recently mooching around the South Island, from Nelson at the top to Dunedin at the bottom of the south. He was briefed to take a photo of anything afloat that looked interesting. The result was the photos above showing the Broad Bay Boating Club and surrounding area on the Otago Peninsula.

The small double-ender on the trailer looks familiar – but can’t put a name to it.

1 thought on “Broad Bay Boating Club

  1. I’m sort of glad to see that Just Doi’s boat-house is still there. It caused so much strife to the Dunedin City Council bureaukrauts who took exception because the man was living in it while he built it. They felt that it was a house and that it should be demolished forthwith for non compliance. The arguments went to and fro for a long time (vide G P Fishall’s fine 1982 book “Bureaucrats and How to Annoy Them”) and finally the council cried “Enough!” and called in a boat surveyor from afar who decreed that the structure was indeed a boat.
    So every time they pass it, there it is annoying them.


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