The 26’ triple skin kauri launch – Majeika is thought to have been built c.1965 by Shipbuilders. A Nissan 88hp LD28 diesel gives Majeika a topped of 12 knots, but cruise speed is 7>8 knots.

After 17 years of ownership her ownership its time for a new custodian and thanks to tme we get to have a peek down below 🙂

1 thought on “Majeika

  1. This series of boats had the hull designed, by Shipbuilders with the original owner designing the coamings in many cases, to suit his needs, or ideas of a pleasing concept.

    A good many of them were produced in total, from about 1960 to c1966 or a little later & were available both in kitset form, where home builders could put them together completely themselves, or Shipbuilders would wholly or partially complete them, for the original owners.

    They went from about 28ft to 34 feet in length, & the hulls were built in 2 skins on opposite diagonals in kauri, glued & sometimes screwed as well, often fibreglassed over the kauri.

    I helped original owner, my lifelog friend from 14,, Lloyd Burnand built his 30 foot PEARL DIVER
    from 1963 to 1966, which he did from scratch, & which he powered with a 6 cyl 80Hp Lees Ford Diesel, which when I last of heard her, a year or 2 ago was still in great shape, & living at the B.O.I.

    She has been featured on woodys in days gone by. — KEN R .


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