Mystery Bay of Islands Yacht – REGULUS

Mystery Bay of Island Yacht REGULUS

On morning of 13th March Dean Wright spotted the above yacht off Moturua Island in the BOI.

A mystery to Dean and myself – can anyone put a name to the boat and tell us about her?

Input from John Bertenshaw. -the mystery schooner is Regulus , a William Hand design originally from San Francisco. Its been in the bay for some here. Circa 1928 build or so IIRC. Photo below 

The Mence armada, below, sharing the Slipway at Milford this week 😉

Jeanne & Eileen Patricia

The Balmain Bug

Hugh Gladwell sent in the above YouTube link to a very cool video on the Australian Balmain Bug – the six foot skiffs that hav been racing on Sydney Harbour for over 130 years.  As Hugh joked – perfect for someone wanting to get into classic yachting without the marina fees 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mystery Bay of Islands Yacht – REGULUS

  1. The Balmain Bug was built in 1994 by Ian Smith (builder of the historic replica 18-footer Britannia seen over here in 2003) and is one of two replica 6-footers built in Sydney.

    Here is a link to the 6-footer page on Ian’s brilliant website ‘The Open Boat’. They were not for the faint hearted.

    His work has been seen on WW before in videos of him building/planking his ‘Ranger’ class sloop as well as the building of Britannia. He is a serial collector of wooden boats, owning Sea Mist, a 25-foot Halvorsen launch, Serenity, a 24-foot Lyle Hess cutter, the 18-footer Britannia and his current Ranger project.
    He also posts informative videos of his progress, here’s one on portholes and where to decide to put them.


  2. Owned now by local guy George S. The boat was sailed over from the states, possibly singled handed i think. Never been told the boats name


  3. Don’t know the little schooner. but I’m picking either John Alden or William Hand as the designer, and lean towards Hand.


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