Wellington Woodys

Wellington Woodys

Woody Dave Nicholson was recently in Wellington visiting family and had a pleasant surprise when he pulled back the curtains, an impressive view of the Evans Bay Yacht and Motor Boat Club hardstand.

Dave was able to ID two of the launches – the little white and blue launch is “Ajax” (obvious as it’s name is seen in the pic). And to the left of the big bridge-decker is the Sam Ford Rehutai. The two mystery launches are the small flush decker in the far row, and of course the rather imposing bridge-decker – can we name these two woodys?

9 thoughts on “Wellington Woodys

  1. Ranging caught a floating rope around one of the prop’s Labour weekend when she was motoring out of the Wellington heads. Nick has both shafts out at the moment, so guessing something got bent 😦


  2. It’s Ajax, not Apex. Built late 1930s on Webb Street Wellington. planked with douglas fir/oregon. A Scottish design I believe published by the Rudder. The flush deck boat is indeed Mataroa. and the other is Rehutai. I was there the other day working on my boat.

    Thanks Gavin – Dave Nicholson must have had a Spec Saver moment 🙂


  3. The flush decker in the far row is Mataroa. Rob Uivel had her up recently to freshen up the brightwork and resolve a minor cooling issue – which turned out to be a seawater pipe blocked with salt crystals.


  4. The big Bridgedecker is the RANGIORA built in Pakuranga for Gordon Collie by McGeady – (Supreme Craft) in 1964 — KEN R


  5. I’m guessing that the flush-decker is a bit bigger than at first sight, and may just possibly be Vagabond, shorn of her rig. Another guess – the motor-sailer alongside Rehutai is either Sunquest or another built to that Alden design. Or maybe neither 🙂


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