Korawai – A Peek Down Below

Korawai – A Peek Down Below

Korawai has been somewhat of a mystery boat on the classic scene, very really seen out and about in recent years, now thanks to tme, we get a peek down below. I can report she has sold and has new owners – more on that tomorrow 🙂 At 37’ she enjoys a very spacious cabin. Built by Owen Woolley c.1962.  Forward motion is from a Ford 120hp diesel, that sees her cruising at a comfortable 8 knots and topping out at 9.5 knots – I have seen an out of water photo and she is very flat aft, so a nice Hino transplant should see her moving along at a few+ more knots.

Read see more on the launch at these WW links https://waitematawoodys.com/2018/07/16/34705/

5 thoughts on “Korawai – A Peek Down Below

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  2. Input from John & Helen Croskery
    We have been reading with interest your story on “Korawai”, as part of your
    classic wooden boat stories, when owned by Jim Greenaway and his wife
    Lesley. We owned “Korawai” for 28 years and below is our part of it’s

    Unsure what happened to Korawai (spelling definitely Korawai) when Jim and
    Lesley Greenaway sold her in 1982?

    What we do know in 1991 we, John and Helen Croskery, went into partnership
    with John Farrell (also known as Beau Farrell) who was the owner of Korawai
    (since 1987?). For the next 15 years we had an extremely cordial
    relationship within our shared ownership.

    In 2006 the Croskerys bought John Farrell’s half share and continued to own
    Korawai for a further 13 years. In October 2020 we sold Korawai to Lisa
    and Rob O’Halloran of Howick who have just on sold her (January 2022).
    From 1987 until 2020 she has been at Half Moon Bay Marina.


  3. Hello Chris.
    Do you still have your beautifully maintained kauri yacht Greyhound?
    (Ex SPCC member Barrie, Lady Jane)


  4. I think I recognize this boat as an ex member of Shelly Park Cruising Club, once owned by Dudley Jones. She was called Korowai at that time. Distiguishing features may be signs of a hole being chainsawed in the cabin top to get the engine out.


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