Yesterday we ran a story on Jim Greenaway. Jim & wife Lesley owned Korawai in Tauranga from about 1973 to 1981 / 82.
Jim’s main trade was a cabinet maker but he was also a semi-pro boat builder and did a lot of work on Korawai – new galley, teak deck, etc. The family spent many weeks aboard her – including five weeks or so at a stretch every summer at Mercury Island.
Korawai was built by Owen Woolley in 1962 for a F. Niel of Bridge St, Panmure. She is a sister ship tp Taree. Previous owners include Beau Farrell. I photo below I took in January, 2010, anchored off Oneroa, Waiheke Island. (details ex Harold Kidd & Colin Pawson)
Do we know where she is now?
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 8.09.07 PM

7 thoughts on “Korawai

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  2. I spent a week on this beautiful launch in February 1999, cruising the Hauraki, when owned by John and Celine Farrell. One of the best weeks of my life. I’ve been looking for pics of it over the last few years, but I also was (wrongly) searching for “Korowai”.


  3. Hi Guys.
    We have Korawai in our shed at present for a paint job and general bits and Bob’s. She is still amazing in presentation and truly loved and looked after.
    We The Boat builders at Half Moon Bay work on many classics and have lots of info .



  4. Frank Neil’s a professional picture framer manufacturer and a really great chap with only one good leg. He lived right opposite my parents and loved his boat so much, she was a real extension of his family KEN R (edited by AH)


  5. I saw her off Passage Rock at Easter 2010 which adds 2 months to Alan’s sighting.


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