Todays woody is a wee bit of a mystery, and I’m confidant that when she was launched she wasn’t named – Gaza 🙂 Ian McDonald gave me the heads up on her tme listing, where it states that the 30’ launch is a McGeedy (I assume McGeady) build with a 10’ beam and draws 4’. The forward motion is via a 75hp Ford diesel. Gaza calls Sandspit home, previously on WW it was identified that in another life the launch was called most likely Astra

Anyone able to confirm the design and the original name?

4 thoughts on “Gaza

  1. Absolutely ASTRA, — recognised her in an instant. —
    Sad to see the name change & the varnished coamings gone.
    She had delightful balance & symmetry in her styling for that era & was one of the best of the McGeady boats, & one of the prettiest smaller boats around. The Robinsons, really loved the boat, which was moored next to my TIARRI at Sandspit, for many years, & was used al the time. KEN R


  2. Hi the boat GAZA was ASTRA my family Dad Les Robinson owned her from 1960 to 1992. She was built and launched in 1957 by McGeady in his Sumner St Ponsonby premises. Originally powered by a 100hp Austin Skipper petrol which was replaced by the 75hp Ford in 1973. She is a great sea boat and a lovely older lady on the water.


  3. Hi my name is Gary and I own Gaza and yes she had been renamed Gaza from the name Astra. I have slowly been doing her up over the past 5 years and I now have Gaza on the market as it’s time for a change to go away in the Motor Home. She is a great boat and currently listed on trade me for sale.


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