The ex work boat Wakatoa recently popped up on tme, thanks Ian McDonald. She made a brief appearance on WW back in March 2014, link below. At the time she was berth at Thames and it was commented on WW that she had been listed in the CYA Classic Register booklet as being built c.1939 in the Hokianga. https://waitematawoodys.com/2014/03/05/wakatoa/

The tme listing now has her as being built in 1929, and comments that she stated her life towing harbour barges. We now know she is 36’ and powered by a 130hp Isuzu 6BB1 that gives her a 7>8 knot cruising speed. 

If you are looking for a nice salty looking double-ender, bidding is sub $10k, so she could be a bargain.

6 thoughts on “Wakatoa

  1. Except that I have known Wakatoa for more than 40 years and it is great to see that she has been released from the Thames graveyard where her always jaunty sheer was diminishing, bouncing happily on a mooring off the goldhole now.


  2. Thanks Cameron I appreciate and accept your response.
    I guess it is important to realise that WW is built on hard work and integrity, so a slap happy post can have a negative input to prospective buyers, and a rather discerning audience? Old wooden boats are lovely, we know that. She is priced accordingly, so how about we wish she will get an enthusiastic new owner who keeps her going?

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  3. I think the reply to Murray was far to polite.
    A 2 word answer describing ” suprise and distance”
    is much better.


  4. If I may Murray, that assumption is complete conjecture on your part, if you are wrong that would not do much to help sell the boat?
    A lot of people read these comments.
    Imagine if it was you trying to sell…..
    Just a thought.


  5. Pity the rig and varnished coamings are gone, I wonder what the hull is like after being bent over the thames mud for so long.


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