Manurere – Work Boat Wednesday + WW Crew Gear 4sale

MANURERE – Work Boat Wednesday

The 43’ Manurere was built by Miller and Tunnage in Port Chalmers and launched in 1937. She spent her working life cray and cod potting, exclusively in the Dunedin and Stewart Island areas. She is constructed in 1 and ½ inch kauri strip planking with spotted gum frames. Manurere has a 11’ 6″ beam and 5′ draft.

Based in Lyttleton, for the last 18 years, she has been extensively restored during that time. Powered by a 120hp Iveco Fiat. (thanks to Marcus Petraska for the tme listing heads up)


2 thoughts on “Manurere – Work Boat Wednesday + WW Crew Gear 4sale

  1. Strip planking was around at the time, mainly in North America, and almost exclusively in small craft. Back then very narrow strips were used, and not even Concave/convex edged, relying on the strips swelling when wetted to be watertight. (No modern glues then either! – just edge nailing.)
    But I agree, it’s most unlikely that M & T would have built her that way. Is somebody confusing strip planking with carvel planking?


  2. Can you clarify, I would question whether M & T would have strip planked anything at that time. This is a learned discussion page and we have to be correct!
    As I understand it, strip planking is a relatively modern technique using narrow planks with concave/convex edges and heaps of glue. I reckon she’d have been a conventional shipbuilding job of the day. Lovely ship -I used to pay my respects whenever I passed through Lyttleton. Sorry I’ll rephrase that -I’d call past the port whenever I was passing Christchurch.
    She had a recent modelling of her wheelhouse and I’m glad it was relatively tasteful.


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