Peggy Bawn

PEGGY BAWN – 1894 G.L. Watson Cutter

Today thanks to the UK site ‘My Classic Boat and Bob Aylott we get to have a peek at one of the best classic yachts ever – Peggy Dawn, her owner Hal Sisk shows us around his beautiful 1894 G.L. Watson 36ft Cutter. Filmed in Cowes and The Solent on a day with not a lot of wind.

Hal Sisk also gives us a great insight into the genius of designer G.L.Watson.

If the above video has wet your whistle for more on the water time – check out below these links form the WoodenBoat Forum 

Link below to very cool vicarious cruising experience
If you have more time – read the back story about the boat and the fit out – get tips and photos

Anyone know Adam Leyden? If so, ask him to contact us at

3 thoughts on “Peggy Bawn

  1. Try sailing Peggy Bawn or others of her ilk in a good Hauraki Gulf breezy day, would be like being on a half tide rock


  2. Very inspirational. Very similar in period (1894) and external presentation to Charles Bailey Jr’s ROGUE (1892) and especially THELMA (1895), although European construction was entirely different (this Gustave Caillebotte‘s LILI (1891)

    Clearly there was something in the water then.

    Hal Sisk’s “completely authentic” is careful blarney; PEGGY BAWN’s incredibly detailed sales collateral at explains:
    PEGGY BAWN has been completely rebuilt to the extent that she has a completely new hull and deck atop the original lead keel. Certain sound non structural parts of the original were retained and re-used such as the fore hatch, skylight, companionway hatch, cockpit seating, the majority of the interior furniture, the tiller and rudder head and most of the rig. Since restoration she has continued to be professionally maintained.

    The electric engine installation was novel at relaunch in 2005 and has proven very successful. In 2019, given the improvements in battery technology over the previous 14 years, the opportunity was taken to replace the original 8 x AGM batteries weighing 240kg with 4 x lithium batteries, all on top of the keel – reducing the battery weight by about a third, with the result that PEGGY BAWN sits on her true waterline again.


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