Simply Irresistible

Today’s woody is only part woody, the main build material is steel and she was designed and built by Serious Yachts in the Netherlands. The Dutch have a long history of steel construction, probably as a result of lack of suitable trees.

 I discovered this stunning craft on Tad Roberts fb post and then checked out the builders website that showcases several other craft upwards of 75’ in length. Link here

Irresistible is a ‘Gently 36’ Hardtop’ and with a beam of 12’ she is incredibly roomy. Powered by a single Vetus diesel DT44 114hp, she slots into the displacement category with a cruising speed of 9 knots.

Tad Roberts has a wonderful eye for a salty boat, so to get his tick of approval – means a lot. I would have to agree, and I suspect if Colin Pawson wins Lotto he will be placing an order 😉

Interestingly the NZ Classic Yacht Association, I’m sure would accept her as steel is ok with them and it certainly fits the ‘spirit of tradition’ mold BUT no way would it be allowed anywhere near the new Heritage Basin, then again I suspect neither would the stunning 1948 Colin Wild built Lady Crossley ………. or the Percy Vos built Te Arahi ………… or the 1923 Chas Bailey Jnr built Prize …….. or the 1938 Arch Logan designed Aramoana ……… or the 1934 Arch Logan designed Little Jim……..


3 thoughts on “Simply Irresistible

  1. Totally agree, Alastair. We refer to our launch as MY (Motor Yacht) Tradition. Very common usage overseas. Looking at some of the large plastic sailboats, aka yachts, on our marina the term would apply to them as well.


  2. If Ken Anderson would care to research the meaning of the word “yacht” he will find that it may be used to describe any type of vessel used for pleasure which has accomodation etc. and can be sail or motor powered……


  3. Sounds like the Woody has a real gripe with the CYA. Sad really that he doesn’t understand that CYA actually stands for “Classic YACHT Association”. Maybe you should start your own “Classic Launch Association”. After all it is rare to see a yacht on Waitematawoodies, yet you want the public glory!!!
    I do though enjoy your daily posts, but ditch the sour grapes.

    THERE IS A WONDERFUL OLD SAYING ‘Fools and children shouldn’t see things 1/2 done’ – You obviously didn’t read the link to the back story, so – EASIER TO DITCH YOU – BYE. AH


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