Ranui Rejoins The Work Force

While woody Glenn Martin was mooching around Northland, he came across the 32’ launch Ranui in Kohukohu on the Hokianga Harbour. Readers may recall that Ranui was originally from Lake Taupo and built as a boat to ferry post war veterans in recovery. Originally named El Alamein, she was built by McGeady in 1944/45.

These days she plies her trade as an inner harbour charter boat.  Glenn commented she has been freshened up with new paint and a Volvo engine. Owned by the local flounder fisherman and builder she is in good hands with steady trade servicing people on a gravel bike tour.

You can read / see more on Ranui’s past here.   https://waitematawoodys.com/2015/08/03/el-alamein-ranui/

7 thoughts on “Ranui Rejoins The Work Force

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  2. Its MNZ numbers actually and they are there in plain sight.
    As for stability I rekon she will be far more stable than some of the boats out there fitted with glass house “monkey islands “.

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  3. Well, she tastes salt water for the 1st time, at last, ever since she was built, just after WWII, & its nice that she’s come north.
    The Volvo if it’s big enough, should make her go well, also. — KEN R

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