Lake Rotoiti – Okawa Bay Holiday Camp 

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Lake Rotoiti – Okawa Bay Holiday Camp 

Today’s photo showcases a classic kiwi boating scene, this time on Lake Rotoiti. Given the appearance of several jet boats and the cars in the background, I would guess the date as the late 1960’s.
Anyone able to pin the date down and also ID the woodys seen middle right side of the photo.
During the CV-19 lock-down I spotted the photo below of KZ-7, New Zealand’s first tilt at uplifting the Americas Cup in Perth. The boat on the trailer was actually a life-size model that toured the country as a part of a fund raising roadshow. I was involved in the marketing of the challenge back then, hell 30+ years ago. The photo prompted me to find a model I had of KZ-7. No kneels on show as it was all very hush hush back then.
As part of the campaign there was an extensive range of branded merchandise the public could buy to support the team, everything from t-shirts to replica solid silver cups. Now you would have thought apparel would have been the #1 seller but no woodys, biggest selling item was branded tea-spoons. Seems there was (might still be?) this worldwide group of people that collected tea-spoons, didn’t matter what was on it – just had to have the newest one to add to their collection.

4 thoughts on “Lake Rotoiti – Okawa Bay Holiday Camp 

  1. Yes, that photo I’m also sure was taken in the late 60’s. The Hamilton Jet nosed in at the end of the jetty is the newly produced 52 (Marlborough Hull) of that range with a 16 degree deadrise. The later model (the 53) was tweeked to 18 degrees to cope better with choppier salt water environments to that of the rivers. To encompass that market, Hamilton Jet’s slogan through the 70’s was – “Born in the Rivers to play in the Sea”.

    There were a number of designs, with different jet stages and motor combinations, all great boats, a ton of fun, and a bit like the Merlin’s on a Lancaster, they had a wonderful sound all of their own.

    Trevor Thelning (a really nice guy) was the Auckland manager for Hamilton Jet, with their showroom / workshops down in Stanley Street.,


  2. I think your date is about right Alan although I can’t be specific but the dark blue Fi Glass lightning in the fore ground came out about then We got ours in 1969 and still have it. Cheers


  3. The red ski boat Vivace was a stern drive plywood vessel owned by the Lewis family of Wellington. It was unbeatable in the ski racing series held each season at The Wellington Waterski Club on Petone foreshore.


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