The South Passage – A Short Wooden Boat Film


Todays woody story comes to us from Andrew Christie in Brisbane, Andrew filmed and edited the short film on the glorious launch – South Passage, built in 1952 in Brisbane by Percy Tripcony.
South Passage is 50’ in length with a beam of 13’4”, and she draws 4’6”. The sound and footage of her Gardner 6LX diesel will be music to Dick Fisher’s (Akarana) ear and hopefully inspiration to Jamie Hudson (Lady Crossley) to get the tooth brush and Brasso out 😉
Sit back and enjoy 6 minute of wooden boat porn 🙂

2 thoughts on “The South Passage – A Short Wooden Boat Film

  1. Beautiful boat Ken but you are right about beam to length…she would roll a lot under certain conditions.
    Kevin Mark


  2. Fabulously kept, & delightful lines, however extremely narrow for her length, & very round in the bilge at the tuck, & would be very tender & uncomfortable in a beam sea, in the short steep seas of Morton Bay. KEN R


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