Meloa Creek Boating Graveyard







Baden Pascoe recently stepped away from the boat for a few hours and went for a walk – a walk that is unknown / overlooked by a lot of Aucklanders – around the Meola Creek, Westmere / Western Springs area. Baden captured the above photos of using his words a “boating lost in time collection”.

The top photo above is interesting, would love to know the story behind this old girl.
The last photo is a very old school photo – two mullet boats between tides 🙂

The map and photos below are from the Auckland Council website.

6 thoughts on “Meloa Creek Boating Graveyard

  1. When I was a kid at school, there were two tips -the inorganic (and therefore useful stuff) at Cox’s Creek and the organic (ie smelly rotting food and other rubbish) tip at Meola Road. Both were always attended by lots of grumpy seagulls but Meola was foul. Got some useful stuff at Cox’s Creek.
    In later years, after they were both closed, Pacific Steel were allowed to cut up a couple of ships at Meola (the minesweepers Echuca and another.
    In the ’70s, the then CEO of MoTaT was trying to get the Government or anybody to buy HMNZS Achilles from the Royal Indian Navy and put her up the Motions Tip. She would have been yet another important piece of history to be neglected by MoTaT who were always grossly underfunded.


  2. Todays photos show small craft and rubbish in the Motions Creek
    which is on the eastern side of the Meola reef. The Meola creek and estuary are on the western side of the reef. Much cleaner and tidier.


  3. I used to take my girl guides to Meola reef for a cookout. Was fun until a person from MOTAT mentioned methane gas escaping from the reef and we were in danger of an explosion.


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