Mystery Yacht – 28-07-2019 – solved – it is Galatea

I have been contacted by Denis Woodward who has a collection of signed Winkleman sailing photographs asking for help to ID the yacht above. If we are really good we might even be able to put a name to the crew 🙂
Mystery Spirit of Tradition 
I know with that engine well and leg I’m stretching things a little but folks we are going to see a lot more of this style of craft as the price of marina’s continues to climb. David Vaassen spotted – Sprat, at Orams dry dock and was wondering if we could find out more about her – design, builder, engine etc. At first I thought it was one of the new Greg Salthouse launches but no, Sprat is not quite as beautiful to the eye 🙂 More work boat styling.
UPDATE from Tim Jackson

Sprat is a Badnam launch designed by the late David Thomas . Built in the Bay of Islands and recently sold out of Wanaka. She has a builders plate in her.Here is some blurb about her genesis, ex the Wooden Boat Association of NSW, Sydney – 2012 newsletter.







Another woody from my club reporter 🙂  location = Santorini. Might be glass 😦

8 thoughts on “Galatea

  1. Thank you. The photo is Winkelmann, and does show a dinghy towing – I nipped it off, trying to further enlarge the yacht itself. And yes – I found it in my “Little Ships” 3rd edition. So Galatea it is! Maybe some more of it’s history will come to light?

    ps while checking my “Little Ships” I noticed names of 4 previous owners of this book. Jack Christoffersen. Ron Swanson. Terry Needham. John McLeod. ???


  2. Ah well that solves that then. The Little Ships photo is larger and shows her towing a dinghy which would fit in with the North Shore Yacht Club’s Cruising race to Awaroa Bay on 13/12/1913, the same date as the Galatea pic in the Winkelmann negative register.

    There is no mention of Galatea in the race results of that day but some boats would have gone direct to the venue rather than take part in the race, hence towing the dinghy rather than lashed on deck for racing.


  3. I now remember where this print of Galatea comes from, Carter’s Little Ships and appears in a series of southern water vessels between pages 204 and 205 .I don’t know if it is a Winkelmann or someone else’s photo but there are others attributed to G.F. Bothamley in the same series.


  4. Henry Winkelmann’s negative register shows that he only took two photos of Galatea, one in December 1913, and again in December 1914.

    Are there any 4-figure numbers on the back of the picture? If it really is Galatea, a neg number would provide positive ID.

    The burgee looks to be RNZYS


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