Woodys In The Whangarei Town Basin

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Woodys In The Whangarei Town Basin

Previously on WW we have seen numerous b/w photos of the Whangarei Town Basin , today’s photo comes to use via Lew Redwood’s fb. and show a lot of classic launches tied up on pole moorings.
While its a great photo of the area, the wide angle makes it a little hard to ID the boats – any on brave enough to suggest the year ?
The Perks of Being The Commodore
Thankfully we have moved on in terms gender equality in advertising 🙂 the image below appeared in an early 1950’s edition of the American published ’The Rudder’ boating magazine.
Old sexist Ad

3 thoughts on “Woodys In The Whangarei Town Basin

  1. The boat on the jetty outside Reyburn house is “Oleo” That jetty was owned by Eric Wright. Can’t name the boat ahead of her though. I drove “Pito” sounding the basin before the mooring re-alignment, Capt. Jack Kirkham on the bow with the sounding chain and Capt. John Barron in the stern snapping sights with a sextant, don’t remember who was the timer. The job took all day. No echo sounder back then.About 1963
    The winter show buildings were on the site of Telfer & Carr sawmill.


  2. I’ll start. The bridge in the background opened in 1936. The Pohutukawa trees along the river bank are reasonably well grown and the Winter Show building is existent on the town side of the bridge. This building was erected in about 1953/4. So my guess is anywhere from 1956 to 1966. Later the moorings were aligned with the water flow, and the number of craft increased dramatically. The fishing boats on the left, were shifted further down river, but this was much later.


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