Gay Dawn – Down Below

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GAY DAWN – Down Below

Gay Dawn has featured on WW numerous times, mainly because she is a very smart woody, but also to appease Ken Ricketts whose family owned her once.
Search Gay Dawn in the WW search box and you will get an extensive view of her past from construction to the present day.
In the past on WW we have seen a few photos of her cabin but now as a result of her trademe listing – we get to see her in her finest. Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up.
To recap she was designed and built in 1953 by Bill Waters, 35’ kauri carvel planked, 11’1” beam and a draws 3’3”. Powered by a 120hp Ford diesel, aren’t they all from that era 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gay Dawn – Down Below

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  2. As all readers of previous posts will know, I have known her since the day she went in the water & a can say, as an absolute fact, that wonderfully she is still identical to day one virtually, (except that she has had 3 engine changes) — even to the little side lights between the windows, in the aft cabin -& her steering wheel, which I brassoed a great many times as a youngie, under the very strict supervision of my mother, (who was the fussiest female boatie ever,) between the years 1956 to 1970. — KEN R


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