Beached Mystery Wooden Launch






I’m not sure how the above launch ended up in this situation and I’m hesitant to name the location as not everyone that reads this site is above a ‘souvenir’ trip. Let’s just say its down Clevedon way.
The absence of floor boards would lead one to think that she has joined the submariners club i.e. been submerged.
The ‘anchor’ I’m assuming has been put out by someone trying to secure the vessel in its present location. Thanks to T Foh for sending in the photos.
Anyone able to ID the boat and tell us where she may have come from?
Could be a project for ’Tom The Torch’ 😉

Classic Woody Launch Bronze Steering Gear 4sale

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 2.32.42 PM

Beautiful bronze Wilcox Crittenden angled helm fitting with bronze chain, 6.5m x 2 of stainless wire, one bronze double upright block with phenolic sheaves, three single Edson upright blocks with bronze sheaves, two bronze Cheek blocks with phenolic sheaves. From a classic American launch. The best quality gear that will give a lifetime of service on your classic launch. Good for another 75 years. Shaft puts the wheel approx 50cm from the bulkhead at about a 45 degree angle. Straight shaft with keyway could be machined to fit any wheel. Tension at the rudder end with turnbuckles. For sale on trade me by one of us good guys 🙂


5 thoughts on “Beached Mystery Wooden Launch

  1. I know the owner. A couple of months ago in bad weather a yacht broke its mooring and smashed into the launch. At the time it did not seem to have done damage but un fortunately it had and in the next lot of bad weather she went down. She is now undergoing surgery 🙂


  2. This boat has been in Waiheke (Wharf Road) for ages, I haven’t seen it there for a while.
    The guy is older and I heard not well.
    It’s an old game boat and I told has some history.
    I reported it to Harbour master when it was sinking at its Waiheke mooring months ago and they pumped it out and it seemed fine, then went missing….
    It’s a Waiheke boat and is known at the causeway boat club


  3. This launch has been at Putiki Bay Waiheke for several years, never had a name plate in that time.


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