Rosemary M – Insurance Salvage

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 9.35.53 PM

Rosemary M – Insurance Salvage

Rosemary M is a 1915 Lanes built launch, constructed of carval planked kauri hull and top sides. Powered by a 1986 Yanmar, 80 horse power, 4-cylinder, diesel inboard engine,
She was appeared numerous times on WW and features today due to her suffering an impact (from another vessel) on the starboard side near the midships area, while berthed.
Given its an insurance sale – the boat will sell and from dockside chat I have had, the damage is easily repairable eg “a couple of broken ribs and a few planks” – someone could get a very low cost entry into the classic wooden boating scene.
Ps I’m told she did not sink or suffer any water damage.

Don’t normally included tme listing links but will this time

05-07-2019 Update –  Photo below ex Cameron Pollard of Rosemary M going back in the water 🙂

Rosemary M July2019

22-07-2019 Update ex Cameron Pollard – Rosemary M relaunched and underway

3 thoughts on “Rosemary M – Insurance Salvage

  1. Hi Alan, this is Rosemary M is it not?! 🙂

    You are correct – I have amended. Alan H 😦


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