Beatnik + Mahurangi Regatta Reminder + Details On Sunday River Cruise + Auckland Anniversary Regatta Launch Race




Woody Colin Pawson sent in the above photo of the sloop Beatnik that he snapped during the week at Great Barrier Island. She is flying a CYA burgee, but doesn’t ring any bells with me, maybe a name change or a very new member?

Her ‘cockle shell’ clinker dinghy is rather cute.

Any of the woodys able to tell us more about Beatnik?


screen shot 2019-01-16 at 1.18.55 pm


screen shot 2019-01-16 at 1.19.44 pm

If you’re a serious woody you will have already made plans to be at Mahurangi this coming weekend. As I have told you b4 it is the single biggest gathering of classic wooden boats in New Zealand. Lots to do & see for both yachts & launches + Saturday nights BBQ / dance ashore at Scotts Landing is huge.

You can find out more details at the link below. But for the launches, the classic launch parade meets off Scotts Landing at 10.15am, with a parade start time of 10.30am.

On Sunday at around midday there is a trip up the Mahurangi River to Warkworth – the Jane Gifford will lead the way, so we effectively have a pilot 🙂 It is a great trip & the event is being run to demonstrate support for the dredging / improvements to the basin. Details below.

I’ll post more during the week.


Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta – Classic Launch Race

If Mahurangi was not your scene or you get back early from the Mahurangi, this event is a must do to the ‘petrol-heads’ amongst us. After 100+ years the organisers of the AADR have resuscitated the regatta classic motorboat race. Details below ex Joyce Talbot

“It’s been 100 years or more since a race for power craft was part of the Auckland Anniversary Regatta. But this year, for the first time since the early 1900s, the regatta will feature a classic launch race – and we’d love for you to be part of this historic revival.

This “new” (old) event is the perfect opportunity to show off these wonderful vessels in front of a huge audience of spectators, and a chance to prove once and for all – who has the fastest launch of them all.

Time’s running out to enter the Ports of Auckland Anniversary Regatta and put yourself in the running to win cash, a huge pool of spot prizes including a holiday in Hawaii, and your name on our historic trophy collection.

Entries cost just $30, and every entry received will go in the draw to win a holiday in Hawaii plus loads more.”

Enter now at

Enquiries: 0800-REGATTA   Email:


6 thoughts on “Beatnik + Mahurangi Regatta Reminder + Details On Sunday River Cruise + Auckland Anniversary Regatta Launch Race

  1. Kia ora – we are the owners of Beatnik – Tony and Lindsay Fish – we bought her in 2016 after she had been abandoned and up on the hard in Tauranga for 12 years. She is a Farallone Clipper (check out from San Francisco, designed and built by Stephens Brothers based on a smaller S&S boat they had built. We’ve been doing her up on the smell of an oily rag and enjoyed sailing in our first Mahurangi Regatta with her – here’s to many more.


  2. Seems Beatnik was built in San Francisco by the Stephens yard. ( I thought they mainly did power boats)
    Was imported as damaged after an Oops in Fiji and has beenn restored by two successive owners in Tauranga. She will be at Mahurangi next weekend.
    I can’t recall the designer but there was some S&S influence by the look of it.
    The dinghy, by the way, is a two piece bolt together craft.


  3. And folks, make sure your woody is looking its best at Mahurangi – the classic boating world is watching you – I understand that we will have photographers from the following in attendance
    WOODENBOAT Magazine (USA & the world)
    CLASSIC BOAT Magazine (UK & the world)
    + Waitematawoodys of course 🙂


  4. I have been asked to do the ON SHORE COMMENTARY again this year, for the launch parade, at Mahurangi, — (I did it last year, as some may know), & if you are entering your boat in the parade, if I have not already made personal contact with you, could you please ring me on 09 424 5505 or 021 988 919, as there is always some info I need, which usually has to come direct from the owner, for me to do the job properly.
    I must have it from each of you, as without this, I cannot do it properly, & your boat may not be able to be mentioned at all, & certainly not featured.
    You can also make preliminary contact with me by email, on but I do need to chat with you– KEN R


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