ARGOSY – Sailing Sunday

Recently Chris Smith had been searching for the whereabouts of the yacht Argosy. Chris has just advised that he has just found her.  She is sitting on the hardstand at Panmure Yacht club, where she has been for some time now.  Unfortunately she has had a hard time and in particular she was damaged when another boat came off her mooring and hit her. The insurance company wrote her off apparently and she was bought by a scrap dealer, who no doubt saw value in her lead keel. Outwardly any damage is not readily apparent. The haul-out yard manager talked about ‘cracked ribs’.

Her current future is seriously in doubt as her haulage fees are somewhat overdue and the yard is talking about disposing of her.

She was built in the 1950’s at Papatoetoe by two brothers to a design by the British designer, Alan Buchanan, who was well-known for designing nice wholesome yachts. Kauri planked to the best of Chris’s knowledge.

HDK has commented that she is a workmanlike and handsome looking little yacht, not beyond repair. A great restoration project. Buchanan is a very good designer. She would be a worthwhile project for the right person.

CYA Rudder Cup Motor- Boat Race Results

The link below will take you to James Mortimers movie from the race start – tomorrow on WW I will have photos from the pre-start, start & the race + from the prize giving – but I can confirm the following results






12 thoughts on “ARGOSY – Sailing Sunday + RUDDER CUP RACE RESULTS

  1. Short answer, there is no fun driving an old boat in crap conditions. Also after 3 hours the novelty for me has worn off 🙂 short and sweet in calm waters. Non of this lightning, thunder, wind and rain rubbish… 🙂 And it seems down wind isn’t desirable if you have an engine that creates its own fog screen 🙂


  2. Remember Argosy when she was moored
    In Waipairo Bay Bay of Islands looking very sharp
    Am sure it was her. What a sad sight she is now. Nice lines and sheer and good looking dog house I MH O


  3. Thr are currently a good collection of contenders.
    Keep format simple would be my thorts.
    First over the line gets something.
    2nd place gets to watch the winner cross the line ahead of them 😉
    Possibly go by age but cap it off somewhere ?
    Random thorts.


  4. Very happy to organise, when such has been tried in the last decade there hasn’t been enough interest but with the current rebuilds I think we can muster a few back up…


  5. A suggestion to maybe ponder over.
    Is it time to consider a new launch race now the rudder cup has been put to bed for a decade ?
    I imagine the owner/s of some of the quick old ones would like to take part in a “throttle to the stops” no handicap format maybe ? ( put ones kahunas on the line as they say)
    Maybe a up to 15 knot class and then a 15 and beyond class ? A good gallop down inside of waiheke for pre 1945 launches possibly ?
    Mite be interesting to c some new undiscovered entrants if they are out thr?


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