1931 Onerahi Annual Regatta


Onerahi Annual Regatta

The photo above (T.G. Palmer) ex Lew Redwood’s fb is tagged “A picturesque North Auckland Aquatic Carnival – The Annual Reggata at Onerahi, Whangarei & is date January 1931. Not the best resolution, but still an interesting photo.

The photos below ex John Bullivant shows the little Tinopai marina on the Kaipara Harbour. The photos are dated 2012 & JB came across them while doing a google search.  There are a number of nice launches living there, I wonder how many are still there.

Sorry for the random post today – yesterday was a nightmare – everything I touched was a disaster – I’ll give you a motoring tip – do not breakdown on the 5th floor of a parking building – there is only one tow truck in Auckland low enough to extract you…………………… took nearly 4 hours……… 

Ended up leaving work bag & computer in the car, so posting tonight from a borrowed one.



3 thoughts on “1931 Onerahi Annual Regatta

  1. In the lower of the photos of Tinopai is the ex county launch Revenge is to the left. She is now I think on Lake Rotoiti


  2. Thanks blokartingnorthland for your comments. It’s so gratifying to see that we do have areas in NZ where money is not the be all end all but the desire to retain a way of life is far more important. Congrats to the Kaipara folk


  3. Re Tinopai ‘marina’…….yes, we do call it a marina but its rather a grand name for what is basically a group of traditional mud berths….all dry out at low tide. But readers maybe interested to know that up here, in the forgotten Kaipara, it is only matter of gaining resource consent and you can put in your own jetty to your own design providing it meets the consent criteria. I put one in a few years back and was amazed that it is still possible to do things up here…’just like the old days’. That’s one of my fleet, Gypsy Rose (the blue one), and in the background the haulout slip can be seen. Incidentally, local slip charges have recently escalated to $15 in and out and $3 per day if you use power…………..and folk often ask me why we live in such an isolated spot!
    That photo was probably taken in the winter as not many boats featuring. I for one tow my mullet boat 5ks up the road on its haulout trailer and winter it over in it’s shed…another thing I never used to be able to do in Auckland………………….anyhow, Meryy Xmas to all


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