Milford Mooching + Rudder Cup Launch Race – Come & See The Start – This Friday @ 7pm – In Front of the RNZYS.





Milford Mooching

I dropped in yesterday to catch-up with Geoff Bagnall at his Milford boat yard. I have talked on WW recently about the sale of the site & how Geoff is locking the door & heading North. The actual date is weeks, rather than months away & the woody owners are queuing up at the door to get work done b4 Geoff leaves the creek for the last time.
In the shed, on the hard & next door are a collection of woodys in various stages of repair. The one that interests me the most is the Roy Parris launch that Geoff is re-building for himself, the boat was originally his fathers (still alive, in-fact turns 90 soon). As you would expect the attention to detail is stunning. I will feature her on WW closer to the relaunch date.
Who can tell us more about Mata Hari , I have only ever seen her moored in front of a Milford Creek house, never seems to venture out – I understand (could be wrong) that her owner was the seller of Geoff’s yard.
Photo below ex Ken Ricketts
The Rudder Cup Launch Race – This Friday – Start @ 7pm in front of the RNZYS – Be There – YOU COULD WIN A WW T-SHIRT – The best photo of the start, emailed to me at will receive a free waitematawoodys t-shirt.
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4 thoughts on “Milford Mooching + Rudder Cup Launch Race – Come & See The Start – This Friday @ 7pm – In Front of the RNZYS.

  1. Mr Webster was involved with the set up and maintenance at Smokehouse Bay on the Barrier. Mata Hari would often be seen leaving Milford Creek heading for the Barrier loaded to the gunnels with building materials, timber, sheet iron and other oddments in order to carry out chores etc. All voluntary of course.

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  2. RETA W was built for Mr Webster Sr by Ron Malcolm at Milford and launched in November 1925. Linc Wood thought it a huge joke that her name was WATER backwards. The Websters had a highly successful electrical contracting business in Parnell. Babs Webster of the Logan yacht MAY BELLE was related (brother?).
    MATA HARI was something of a sensation when she was built, reverting to a flushdeck, considerable trademark Gladden style and those twin dry exhausts……very racy. One of John Gladden’s best.


  3. Re MataHari, the boat was built by John Gladdden now Geoffs shed. Built for a Mister Webster who I believe was an electrician who lived in the house that MataHarii is moored at
    the boat was built around late 60’s early 70’s. Prior to MataHari being built Mr Webster owned Reta W. a flush deck 32ft launch.Hence the flush deck sequence used in MataHari.
    who owns MataHari now I don’t know as Mr Webster passed away many years ago. may still be in the family.


  4. She is owned by Mr T (Tom?) Webster, an electrician, has 2 x 6 cyl Ford Diesels & was built in 1971 for Mr Webster’s father by Geoff Bagnall, & has lived in the Milford Creek all her life, at the bottom of their garden. She has 2 dry exhausts 1 either side & coamings coming through the deck at an angle meeting midships effectively forming a triangle from the deck. Only time I have ever seen this system set up in this way. From memory she is about 42 feet long. I met & chatted with the owner one day, just as he was slipping her at Bagnalls for a bum clean.– KEN R


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