Mystery Bay of Islands Launch – 14-09-2018



Mystery Bay of Islands Launch – 14-09-2018

In both of the above photos we see a very smart day boat, in the boat house photo we also see beached a motor boat with what appears to be the name ‘Zephyr’ on her bow.
The photos come to use ex Ross Griffin, via the BOI’s Historic Photos fb.
Anyone able to ID the launch? She is rather cute i.e. not a workboat, so chances are someone will recall her, the gent aboard or the boasted.
Update from Hylton Edmonds – who has advised that the photos above originate from the late Coralie Hilton (nee Deeming) Collection via Gavin Bedgegood,  a Deeming relation too.
The new photo below, shows the young school boy (possibly a Deeming?) very proudly standing on what looks to be the same boat, newly launched.
Coralie Hilton - 137

3 thoughts on “Mystery Bay of Islands Launch – 14-09-2018

  1. Hi Hylton, Id love to see if the Collection has any of ‘Malolo’ that we recently restored . A Francis Arlidge built speed boat c. 1930.. Still havent found one!


  2. Deeming’s Original Boat Building Sheds on the “Front Beach” at Tapu Point – well prior to the New Golden Hind build and the “Big Shed” – which was the ex Saw Mill Shed from the Opua Lagoon, dismantled and re-built by the Deeming’s after NGH launching (post 1939) from the ‘Back Beach” (western) side of Tapu Point.

    I will see if Peter Deeming can throw some light on the launches.


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