Stunning Marlborough Sounds Location & Classic Woodys


Stunning Marlborough Sounds Location & Classic Woodys

Todays photo comes to us via Lew Redwoods fb & is of Te Mahia Bay in the Marlborough Sounds. Its tagged C.M. Bay, so possibly they were the photographer.
Captured in the bay is an impressive collection of woodys, hopefully one of our followers with southern roots will be able to ID the craft for us.
The photo was used in a newspaper article (see below) promoting the Te Mahia Bay  holiday resort.
Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 10.17.30 PM

14 thoughts on “Stunning Marlborough Sounds Location & Classic Woodys

  1. To Graeme; have spoken to John Reynolds who says he completed an existing Pelin which his client had purchased, builder unknown, as a bare hull. John completed her in a “passage maker” style rather than the sedan/sports fisher style more usual with these hulls. She originally had a 6 cyl. Ford diesel and was named “Stage 1”. Is this the boat you mean?


  2. Thanks John, possibly is same Reynolds, there is a 11 mtr Pelin Pastime for sale, builder j Reynolds so was hoping it was proffessionaly built.


  3. John Reynolds? Living aboard “Footloose” here which he designed and built. At one point he was producing a trailer-sailer and also a 12m keeler known as the Ocean 40; his own one of those was “Wild Sweet”. That who you were looking for?


  4. Not “Southern Maid” – the after house is too short and she appears to have a cockpit. “Southern Maid” was built without a cockpit; as the story goes she was built for a “remittance man” who wanted the aft deck to dance on. She was owned for over half a century by relatives of mine, and I knew her well. Also the mast on the “Maid” was stepped ahead of the wheelhouse. If not “Huia”, possibly “Rahemo”, a close sister to the “Maid”??
    Re the yawl possibly being “Oyster”, didn’t she have a counter stern? The boat in the pic looks to have a pointed “Canoe” counter, which is what made me think of “Sheila II”, though as before the shot appears to have been taken well before the latter arrived in NZ


  5. The launch in the middle of the shot is (I think) “Huia” (later “Te Huia”) in her original configuration.
    I’m tempted to ID the canoe sterned yawl as the Albert Strange “Sheila II”, but I think the photo was taken well before her time here.


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