Mystery Devonport Yacht

1800s Devonport

Mystery Devonport Yacht

The caption on this photo ex Keith Humphreys states its dated c.1800, not sure if that is correct, but I am sure one of the woodys will be able to tell us the name of the yacht.
The location is Devonport, Auckland.
The Story of Tally Ho
On the other side of the world, a truely amazing project is underway by a very young boatbuilder named Leo Sampson Goolden to restore the 1910, Albert Strange built Pilot Cutter, Tally Ho – check out the link below & view the video posts – remember to start at #1. Special thanks to woody Denis O’Callahan (MV Tasman) for the heads up on the story. If you are anything like me you will be lost for several hours 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mystery Devonport Yacht

  1. My guess is Tom Le Huquet’s UIRA, a hire boat. The image is many months before 1900. I don’t think Keith would really think 1800. Typo?


  2. Agreed, a lovely sheer and bow, and has a Mediterranean-Italy appearance . Would bobble about quite nicely in a sea.


  3. Like you Alan, I was sure someone would ID the little yacht. I’ve just noticed the shot was taken out somebody’s window.. which might help with specific location?
    But ya gotta love that jaunty sheer on the little yacht!


  4. So far there are about 26 episodes and each is riveting, showcasing Leo’s brilliant marine skills as well as his ability to produce thoroughly interesting videos using in many cases time lapse photography, Each episode is about 20 minutes, but be warned : once you have watched the first you will be caught up in his web of clear, informative honest. instruction encased in brilliantly filmed and edited work.

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  5. Don’t think there were cameras around in 1800 🙂 I’d guess more like 1900. Can’t help ID the boat, but she does look hauntingly familiar.
    The restoration of “Tally Ho” is definitely a GOOD THING, and in the nick of time; she was scheduled for an appointment with a chain saw. Just to set the record straight, though, “Tally Ho” (nee “Betty”) while definitely from Albert Strange’s board (she was one of the largest designs from that most talented of amateur designers) she’s NOT a pilot cutter, or of the pilot cutter type. She was designed and built as a yacht, and if the design owes anything to a workboat, it would be a Falmouth Quay Punt, even though those were seldom much over 30′.


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