I need some help / advice

I need some help / advice

Does anyone know a gas fitter that does repairs to marine stoves?
The ‘gap’ that the oven on Raindance fits into is – rather narrow. I have been unable to find a new replacement that would fit, other than the Force 10 Euro 2 burner  – but they are off the planet in terms of price.
I picked up on trademe a 2nd hand unit that will fit, but only one of the burners works & the grill also doesn’t work. Its made by Marine Stainless Fittings Ltd, Auckland – who sadly are no longer in business. Its built like a Sherman tank & in great condition (post my clean-up). There is a little bit of work involved in fitting it so while I could attack it myself & try to get it working, I would rather pay someone in the know to have a look at it & advised if it was a able to be (& worth) fixed. The model is – ‘Mariner Prince’ – photos below.
So woodys – any recommendations?, I can drop it off, so anywhere in Auckland would be ok.

14 thoughts on “I need some help / advice

  1. An update – as per Alan S’s recommendation – I contacted DNL , all they could tell me was that to the best of their knowledge, Trevor (surname Spear/Spears/Speer/Speers) was retired & living in Orewa. No luck, with the ph book or google – anyone know the man?

    Cheers Alan


  2. HI Alan
    The grille is great although we have a bit of trouble lighting the pilot light. possibly due to the fact
    that we cant really read the front label in that area.


  3. If you can get the jets out pop into a pot of boiling water, then attack with compressed air. Never use a fire needle like device, as the sizes are critical. Compressed air does come in a can if no compressor available (Hammer Hardware has it), or your friendly computer geek.


  4. The man you need to find is Trevor who did all the Mariner stove repairs for Freddy until he passed away and the business was sold. Suggest you ring the new owners DNL Stainless Fabrications (09)274-4718 & see if Trevor is still there or they know where he is. They are in East Tamaki


  5. They was someone out Penrose way,number off years ago, but possible has moved?

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  6. best stove Freddy Andrews built..cleaning the jets yourself is not too hard as Iain suggested


  7. Alan be brave , if you have an air compressor
    Take out the Jets purge the line with air and clean the jet with a bit of wire from a wirebrush
    This should be all that is required


  8. I have one of those in my boat, I would love to be able to replace the decal on the front because everything else is like new, except that poor old decal.


  9. Suggest check airways. Mason bees sometimes like the air intakes by gas jets, for mud hut building, especially where use is infrequent. Looks very nice, good luck.


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