Photina – Sailing Sunday

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PHOTINA –  Sailing Sunday

 On Friday as part of the post on the launch Luanda, there was a photo of Luanda with a yacht alongside, I ran a wee quiz to find out the name of the yacht, won by Martin Howson (does that man sleep?) – the yacht was the 39’ Photina built by Trevor Managh and Ces Watson for her owner Trevor Managh. In the photo below she’s still to have her mast stepped.

Tracing the history of Photina on the web is a little ‘misty’ as after Trevor sold her, a future owner took her to Mururoa in 1995 & certain ‘people/country’ have clouded (excuse the pun) the on-line media coverage of what happened up there. You can read more in the book ‘Mururoa Blues’ by John Simpson page 149.

Trevor also did a Noumea race in her before selling her. The boat went on to do 4 circumnavigations, so Ces Watson knew how to build a good boat.

Thanks to Mike Elliott for the photos & details.


4 thoughts on “Photina – Sailing Sunday

  1. Hi there. I’m the latest owner of Photina and recently reverted to her original name. I also have the b/w picture of her reaching offshore and have always wondered where it was taken. I have the commemorative plaque for the Noumea race and another for the Darwin/Dili race in, I think, 1971. We’re humbled to know she’s completed four circumnavigations. Does anyone know when they were? I’m rather ‘challenged’ for email at the moment but would welcome any contacts and info through FB Messenger. I’ll post some of my own pics once I regain full www capability but for now it’s just great to know that you have already published some history of our grand old lady.


  2. Hi all, I was out puttering about last sunday on the recently renamed Photina. Her present owner purchased her in the Philippines two years ago where her Japanese previous owner had left her for several years.
    Photina is still sound but the years of neglect have left her topside and cabin looking the worse for wear.
    The present owner is desperate for more information about the builder and sailing history of his new boat.
    I will fwd this link to him.
    David Wright


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